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3 Kinds of Anti-Static raised floor tiles in Data Center

3 Kinds of Anti-Static raised floor tiles in Data Center

February 9, 2021

Anti-Static raised floor systems are an effective management regime in server rooms. The underneath space can be used to fulfill numerous mechanical, HVAC and wiring requirements. However, other than functionality, a good subtle appearance dramatically helps in creating a more efficient, thriving workplace.

If you want your server rooms and data center a better installation function, HPL raised FLoor,ESD Tile Raised Floor and Ceramic raised floor make the perfect style statement for any data center building.

What Raised Floor Tiles Huiya Have?

You’ll be surprised to know that raised floor comes with many versatile choices of good tile designs.  HPL (high pressure laminate), ESD, and Ceramic tiles are broadly chosen for keeping up with the fast-paced environment and today’s décor demands.

1: HPL high pressure laminate

HPL, nowadays, is a trendsetter, fits the budget and is recommended by architects, engineers & interior decorators around the globe. It is one of the best tiles for surface decoration and should be on your "priority" list.

High-pressure laminates or HPL is a better proposal than its alternatives because:

  • Suitable for custom Innovative Designs- HPL allows you to be creative and imaginative with raised floor design. One can add a touch of luxury with a range of colors and textures. Other than flexibility, HPL is highly durable, adheres to fire safety parameters, and the chemical resistance properties have made them the ideal choice for all establishments and entities.
  • Applicability to all properties- Even unskilled people with basic training & knowledge can conveniently install HPL tiles on a raised floor. Unlike other tiles, HPL tile installation does not require any glue or nails. You just let gravity do all the work. In short, it is remarkably flexible, easy to install, and does not demand a high workforce. All of these eventually make HPL tiles the ideal choice to manifest innovative designs.

    HPL raised floor tiles
    HPL raised floor tiles

2: ESD tiles

ESD tiles (also known as conductive tiles) are the most versatile static control flooring for IT buildings. Every IT space, such as a data center, holds the risk of unwanted static discharge consequences. It can range from general (mild shock) to extremely critical (unwanted spark causing explosion).

When installed and utilized as a part of an entire raised control system, an ESD tile can limit both types of failures, thereby contributing to a safer & healthier workplace.

Key features of ESD anti-static flooring tiles are:

  • Intelligent choice for health, electronics, and IT locations. ESD is worthwhile for its purpose, i.e., reducing possible electrostatic discharge. It has sheer outstanding strength and is ideal for raised floor construction.
  • Better than carpeting. Electrostatic discharge is a way better alternative to carpeting and other anti-static flooring choices. Carpeting floors have no conductivity and cannot prevent static charges. They are likely to fail in numerous circumstances and potentially pose a safety risk to employees working on the floor.


3: Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are beautiful interior finishing and are preferable for places with heavy foot traffic. You can’t go wrong with Ceramic tiles. It's perhaps the only flooring material that genuinely works in any office. The hard, stable surface does not attract or hold onto dust, dirt, pollen, or other allergens – making it easy to clean. Ceramic tiles' only drawback is that (a) it can be hard and cold, and (c) it can be complicated to install & often requires professional assistance.

Key features of Ceramic tiles are:

  • Premium Flooring Choice– Ceramic tiles are perfect for offices with a luxury theme. However, the work begins with careful planning of the design.
  • Affordable flooring materials– Ceramic tile raised flooring is pocket friendly and can fit any budget & style. One can master the bright, clean marble look with ceramic material. But if you move into a better-looking tile, the flooring can easily cost equal to hardwood flooring.

HUIYA brings you the most acceptable tiling option that goes gently with a raised floor system. Our work is a pure reflection of ‘years of experience’ and ‘industrial expertise.’

huiya raised access floor
huiya raised access floor

HUIYA, being a trusted name in the raised floor industry, brings a range of premium floor tiles that integrate perfectly with exquisite raised floor designs. These premium raised floor tiles come in various unique designs & sizes and can also be custom-made as per client requirement.

With decades of serving happy customers, HUIYA has established a strong benchmark in the industry. If you are looking for a professional company in raised floor construction, contact us today.