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7 Kinds Of Raised Floor – Which One Should You Choose?

7 Kinds Of Raised Floor – Which One Should You Choose?

October 27, 2020

7 Kinds Of Raised Floor – Which One Should You Choose?

The raised floor is not an obligatory but a necessity for a fully functional modern office. Have you ever wondered why? What is raised floor, what does it do, and why you need it?

Raised flooring system was initially developed and implemented to provide the following benefits:

  • Cool air distribution
  • cabling and electrical wiring solution
  • Grid for grounding of equipment
  • location for other utility piping

Today, its necessity has outgrown from very basic to advanced levels. The raised floor not only allows better utilization of the space, but it has also become the appropriate solution for the standardization of IT equipment form factors. Besides, many high-end equipment’s actually have a requirement of dedicated airflow through the bottom of the cabinet.

Overall, the raised floor is the only practical way to organize your office effectively. It is well-suited to fulfill the original requirements for power distribution and ensure wiring does not block the airflow.

There is no denying that the raised floor supports the IT façade of the organization. However, for effective utilization of the space, one must decide the raised floor type accordingly.

huiya undertakes major worldwide projects in all areas of raised floor designs. From the pre-planning to the project completion, our experts stay with the client for a functional raised floor system. huiya's raised floor is innovatively designed to provide vital underground space for cabling, ventilation and wiring, and fervently addresses the company’s requirement.

Since the inception, huiya raised access floors have set the benchmark globally in terms of easy and efficient installation, lightweight structure, strength, durability, and optimal flexibility. All these advantages make huiya highly relevant to a broad range of industries.

huiya raised floor manufacturer
huiya raised floor manufacturer

1:HPL Raised Floor

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) encompasses floor grade laminate which dissipates static and provides an easy to clean and easy maintaining walking surface. This high durability raised floor solution offers tremendous design possibilities and is available in a variety of formats and structures.

HPL is not like any other raised floor system in the market. It is exclusively intended for beautiful surface finishing, providing it with unique properties. That is the reason why it is broadly demanded at offices, shops, restaurants, kitchens, schools, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, laboratories, sport centers, and hotels.

HPL Key Advantage:

  • Impact and scratch resistance – HPL is made of a highly resistant material that lasts longer than any other materials, making it scratch and impact resistance.
  • Infiltration Resistance – HPL is a highly hermetic raised floor solution that completely prevents water penetration or any liquid below the surface layer.
  • Hygienic Properties – HPL has the recognition of the most hygienic raised floor system on the market. HPL laminate is moisture resistant, and even a solid dirt cannot penetrate it.
  • Anti-static features - High Pressure Laminates does not attract dust, making it a suitable choice for allergic people. The volatile nature of the HPL raised floor makes it easy to clean and hassle-free to maintain.
  • Health & ECO friendly – HPL, from the environmental point of view, is very well respected in the international market. Since HPL is made of a wood fiber core, it is an eco-friendly and vigorous choice.

2:ESD Tile Raised Floor

ESD flooring finishes to any raised flooring panel guarantees superior static protection and improved wire management. The Electrostatic Discharge Raised Floor is ideal for electronics and telecommunication factories, data center, computer servers, pharma, and food production plants.

How ESD is better than other? ESD Raised Flooring is particularly designed to control the static discharge in a sensitive area, such as operation theaters, clean rooms, and electronics building. AT huiya, we make them available in a wide range of colors together with cobalt, granite, ivory and more.

The system enables safe electrostatic discharge through the whole thickness of the tile. It is a recommendable choice for someone looking for permanently static dissipative floor in a newly built facility.

ESD Key Advantages:

  • Unbeatable Strength and Durability – ESD incorporates antistatic vinyl flooring made from reinforced polyurethane material. This ultimately provides resistance to possible wear.
  • Low maintenance activity - Although it seems not a big deal, but easy maintenance is certainly a plus point of ESD raised floor. The material does not require any waxing or polishing.
  • Electricity Safety – With ESD flooring, you can easily plan the layout of your store, office, workshop, and other industrial areas without worrying about the electrical malfunction.

3:Ceramic Tile Raised Floor

Ceramic tile raised floor may be the only flooring that truly works in the data center's room. Ceramic tiles raised floor system has a hard surface that does not hold onto dirt, pollen, dust, or other allergens. One can easily wipe even a small particle on a ceramic tile with a sponge or mop.

The key advantages of Ceramic tile raised floor are:

  • Fire Resistant Fire – Ceramic covering contains no volatile organic compounds and can easily withstand extremely high temperatures.
  • Cost Effective - Ceramic tiles raised floor are very cost-effective and one of the viable flooring solutions for many buildings.
  • Countless Designs – huiyautilizes modern manufacturing techniques to produce ceramic tiles raised floor in numerous ways. Each solid tiles can be custom-made in numerous prints or patterns such as hardwoods or natural stones.
  • Affordable - Ceramic tiles raised floor is a better-looking flooring solution at an affordable rate. The overall cost of flooring is reasonable and fits the budget of every individual.

4:Die-Cast Aluminum Raised Floor

Die casting is a process of producing accurately, defined, smooth and textured-surfaced tiles. Its main advantage – accuracy and stability, more robust and lighter. You can furnish aluminum raised floor in a broad range of shapes with visual appeal to complement the surrounding parts because of die casting.

The essence of die casting is simplicity.‎ Modern manufacturing technology in a raised flooring system embraces elegance and craftsmanship.‎ huiya designers take it to the next level and made to high specification.‎

Key Advantages of Die Cast Aluminum Raised Floor:

  • Interchangeable Panels
  • Explicitly designed for an ultra-clean environment
  • Made from state-of-the-art die-cast aluminum machine
  • Lightweight, easy-to-install, comes with corner locking to control vibration
  • Available with a range of tile finishes (custom made on request)
  • Effectively meet NFPA 99 and ANSI/ESD S7.1-1994 guidelines
  • Intended for both stringered and non-stringered systems

5:Encapsulated Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor

Encapsulated Calcium Sulphate access flooring is a new generation that raises access floors composed of steel encapsulated panels with chipboard core and calcium sulphate core. huiya manufactures steel encapsulated panels with an innovative design (adhering to European patent. Such design ensures elevated load capacity than all the other internationally most-sold panels.

  • Its exclusive advantages in comparison to the traditional panels are enormous, as mentioned below:
  • Economical, Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Ensure excellent acoustic values
  • Best Fire resistance in all formats of raised floor
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Easier to maintain and clean floor
  • High mechanical characteristic
  • Maximum use of the spaces
  • Ensure Better Site Operation

6: OA Steel Raised Floor

When it comes to efficient flooring solutions, we simply cannot ignore OA steel raised floor. OA steel flooring system engineered to be flexible for your premises. Since OA saves time and money on construction, it is one of the most economical raised floor solutions available in the market. Its ergonomic design adapts to the specific requirements and solves many problems, especially with wiring. In short, OA steel raised floor application is more neat, comfortable, efficient, and flexible.

huiya specifically design OA raised floor from high-quality alloy cold-rolled steel sheet, which is molded and shaped through spot welding after stretching. The OA raised flooring system consists of floor, support, shock pad, and screw. In the present day, the OA raised floor system is broadly used in office buildings, banks, industry, and commerce, insurance, government buildings, etc.

Key features of OA steel raised floor:

  • You Can Build Faster with OA Steel, absolutely suited for Fast-tracked projects.
  • Steel parts are pre-engineered to a suitable design
  • Highly controlled fabrication process; ensuring consistency, sustainability and durability.
  • You won’t have to compromise on design.

7:GRC Raised Floor Solution

The Concrete GRC raised floors are an architect’s dream, coming in various shapes and designs. It can be built together with large panels, baguettes, planks, and fins. The GRC Folded Raised Floor System is entirely sustainable and a recyclable natural framework. They are the elegant choice for installing lightweight panels into your project, without hindering or impacting the durability and building structure.


Key Characteristics of GRC raised floor:

  • Top of the range flooring system for intelligent
  • Small size, lightweight, and convenient for all type of construction
  • GRC materials make the floor more durable
  • GRC Floor plate is thinner, can be adjusted to improve the space under the floor.

Don’t know from where to start?

Let us help you. Finding a suitable raised floor system is like finding a needle in a haystack. You need to be very stringent with the quality you opt for the construction of the raised floor.

Being a leading brand in access floor industry, huiya brings you the most sought solution that works perfectly for your premises. If you want to see how our innovative raised floor system meets the essential requirement in your office, data center, do call us today.