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Steel Wall Board

Computer room wall panels are mainly used in computer room, data processing center, laboratory, microwave communication station room, program-controlled telephone exchange room, mobile communication room, satellite ground station room, radio control room, TV transmitter control room, broadcast control room, monitoring room , Central control room, etc.

Microelectronics industry:

Anti-static products are widely used in the production of microelectronics industry. They are used in the clean workshop of electronic components, semiconductors, electronic product assembly and large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits to avoid static electricity generated by the movement of human bodies in the workshop. Control the damage of electrostatic discharge to computer communications, various electronic equipment and electrostatic sensitive devices, and prevent internal damage to computer memory and electronic instruments.

Other applications:

Used in munitions sensitive to static electricity, flammable and explosive places, petrochemical workshops, hospital operating rooms, anesthesia rooms, oxygen bar rooms and other places with anti-static requirements.

Product specifications: 1200*3000*13mm (fixed width 1200mm and height can be customized freely)