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Europe and America Raised Floor Size Difference

Europe and America Raised Floor Size Difference

February 13, 2021

What Is The Size Of Raised Floor?

The standard size of the raised floor system is 60x60 cm.There are different types of raised floor size some time. (24x24cm, 60x40 cm and 120x60 cm). The American access floor and Europe raised floor both have different specifications for under-floor air distribution performance.

This article about American access floor vs European raised floor will help you decide which type of raised floor system will be most suitable for your next project or office improvement.

raised floor size

The difference in design

Americans and Europeans have very different ideas on office design. Most American offices seem to like everything oversize. Raised Floor provides underneath space management and cable distribution, HVAC and support for a broader range of applications.

The difference in size

In America, the raised floor's most popular size is 24” x 24” square, which is the USA industry standard panel size. and Europe, entrepreneurs prefer 600x600mm modular raised floor systems

How to choose the right size?

Honestly, there are no strict rules. The choice of raised floor size depends on your business niche and requirements. At HUIYA, raised floor systems (including panels) are available in a variety of widths.

  • The size of the room – Narrow panels work perfectly for small office raised floor space. For a large room, one should go with the wide boards. They both can be blend in with many great finishes to achieve a great final look.
  • The purpose of raised floor – Raised floors are essential for data center, call center and IT centric offices. With the main focus on security, protecting valuable tech and software assets, the raised floor height of 18 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches is very much needed.
raised floor dimention
raised floor dimention

The Difference In Finishing Style

The office floor takes an aggressive toll every day. We walk on it, put heavy machines on them, it is prone to stains and occasional spills. A raised floor has to serve a dual purpose - it needs to be practical, and the ‘feel’ of the room should appear breathtaking.Let’s start with the most popular choice.

America like steel cementitious raised floor

The architects accept Steel cementitious raised floor panel, Why?

Key Features of Steel Cementitious Raised Floor:

  • Excellent fire safety and anti-static performance
  • Widely used in data centers, call center, and computer room
  • Ensure steadfast installation
  • Easy to maintain, remove & re-fix
  • Covered with Special weather coating for lifetime protection
  • The panel ensures great precision and offers a convenient wire layout
  • Most importantly, it is eco-friendly

Europe Wood Core and Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor

In Europe, The wood core and calcium sulphate raised floor serve a very utilitarian purpose. They both raised floor products have impressive point load ratings to match EN12825 standard. Class A fire safety, firmness, and acoustic performance.

Key features of woodcore raised floor

  • High-density panels with a corrosion-resistant feature
  • Delivers excellent rigidity, durability, and low footsteps noise
  • Superior strength and acoustic performance
  • Economical – fit the budget of every entrepreneur.
  • Ensure easy and quick installations.

Key Features Of Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor System

  • Top of the range; broadly used in a property where high performance is required
  • Class A1 system - High fire resistance
  • Excellent load capacity
  • Brilliant acoustic comfort
  • Interchangeable panel – easy to fit, easy to remove, and easy to maintain
huiya raised access floor
huiya raised access floor


The advent of the latest technology and customer's unique requirements means that a versatile and high-performance solution is required to boost productivity and eliminate costly repositioning of services/equipment’s within the workplace.

HUIYA raised flooring products includes American and European styles. It is imperative to understand the essential variations (design and aesthetic) between American raised access floor and European raised floor system for any viable decision.  If you wish to explore raised flooring design ideas for your next office project, contact our experts today. Amid years of experience, HUIYA designers have put together some great trends and ideas. We build a personal connection with clients and help you decide on the best commercially raised flooring systems for a newly designed space.