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Huiya Die Cast Aluminum Raised Floor

Huiya Die Cast Aluminum Raised Floor

December 15, 2020

Why Die cast aluminum raised floor made in china cheaper than Japan?

The die cast aluminum raised floor is cheaper than Japan, Taiwan and- Korean die cast aluminum raised floor.  A key reason companies worldwide choose to import raised floors is to extend their profit margin. High material costs in certain countries make it more convenient to import technology from a country where it costs less. Importing from China can save you almost 30-50% less depending on the project size and raised floor system type.

uiyaInc introduce cast aluminum raised floor?

A die cast aluminum raised floor is a manufacturing process to produce accurately defined, smooth and textured-surfaced metal parts. It is one of the industry's pre-standard methods of having a raised floor that can ensure good corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, and high thermal and electrical conductivity.

The casting process begins with two die halves clamped together tightly via the press. Molten aluminum is injected into the dying cavity, where it solidifies rapidly. These sections are then mounted firmly in a machine and are arranged so that one is immobile while the other is moveable. The die halves are drawn apart, and casting is at last ejected.

Aluminum is the most common die cast metal globally, and being a lightweight metal, it is the most popular reason for utilizing aluminum die casting for the raised floor system. The aluminum die casting confers more surface finishing options and can withstand higher operating temperatures compared to other non-ferrous materials.

Why Die cast aluminum raised floor Is It Recommended?

As mentioned above, aluminum die cast parts are corrosion resistant, have good stiffness, highly conductive, and impeccable strength-to-weight ratio. The aluminum die cast process is based on rapid production, where the parts can be produced very quickly and more cost-effectively. Characteristics and Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting raised floor include:

  • Excellent Resistance to Corrosion
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Good Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  • Fully Recyclable and Reusable in Production
  • Excellent Electrical Conductivity

The die cast aluminum raised floor is performance-oriented technology known for excellent substrate & conductor in the anti-static floor series. It can release static electricity to the ground immediately. Its application goes beyond cleaning the room and makes it a perfect tech for a humid environment. Lightweight, integrated structure and super load bearing & pressure resistance make it ideal for biomedical, microelectronic, pharmaceutical and laboratory facilities.