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October 17, 2020

HUIYA Office Raised Floor

Huiya Steel raised floor is an innovative flooring system, allowing flexibility positioning of workstations and equipment inside a building. The state-of-the-art flooring is nothing less than a work of genius and purposefully designed to offer a practical solution to all modern factories.

So, what makes HUIYA Steel Raised Floor the right choice for almost all new office buildings?

Raised floor systems are an elevated structural floor constructed and stabilized over a solid substrate. Its significance becomes imperative to fill the requirements for electrical wiring, HVAC ducts and facilitates the hardware requirements for data centers, computer rooms, and server rooms. Moreover, a raised floor system permits the inflow of the clean air in an anti-static environment.

HUIYA is a 'ONE BRAND-TRUSTED VASTLY' for the construction of bespoke steel raised flooring systems and has established a strong benchmark in the industry. The unique facet of the organization lies in its capability to deliver perfection. HUIYA designs easily fit the demand for new or old buildings and offer a cost-effective solution as per the room's specifications.

The client-focused approach takes care of your special considerations (such as raised flooring materials, sizes, styles, colors, and finishes). You'll get the most reliable flooring solution with great versatility.

huiya raised floor manuafcturer
huiya raised floor manuafcturer

Advantages of using Steel Raised Floor for Office:

  • Lightweight design – Easy to install, easy to move and easy to remove
  • Extremely fireproof – Steel is a non-combustible material and rated for safety.
  • Highly durable – Steel flooring can easily withstand heavy use and incredibly durable.
  • Practical and interchangeable – Steel raised floors are ergonomically designed and interchangeable.

How To Begin Installing Huiya Steel Raised Floor?

How do you decide the right raised floor plan for your building? If you have made it this far, we can assume you already need a reliable steel raised floor design. The best-raised floor installation design is attained by a proper consolidation of form and function. In other words, the type of the raised floor system depends on the specifications, and “planning” is the most important phase of installation, specifically in a seismic environment.

This blog intends to provide you with the basic ideas for the installation of steel raised floor. Without any further ado, let’s get started.


Steel raised floor offers the owner a great flexibility on how the workspace can be utilized and reconfigured. Since the application is constructed from high-end material, it can instantly meet the stringent specification standards.

A wide choice is available from Huiya, thought-out to compliment any interior space. However, it imperative to give a well-thought consideration on the type of applications you would benefit from a raised floor. The steel raised flooring fits the requirement of industrial offices, call centers, data centers, libraries, and commercial buildings.

The Process of Manufacturing Huiya Raised Floor


This raised access floor system is expertly designed and developed to withstand moderate working loads. In its inclusive architecture, the sheets are the inert composition that makes the system resistance and robust on a frame structure. The panels comprise a hardened top steel sheet and bottom steel sheet. Each panel undergoes corrosion resistant protection (inside and out) forming a solid structural core.

A flat top steel sheet is welded to an embossed bottom steel sheet, which are supported on a structure with different heights to achieve different levels. After that, it all comes down to capturing building’s signature style and coverings. ABC engineers and designers


Punching & welding is a fabrication process of removing a scarp slug and holes in a metal workpiece. The sections are rapidly bolted together during the process and punch is forced under pressure to produce a clean, accurate size sheets with correct diameter. Welding, on the other hand, is a core activity used to prepare joints for connections with other fittings and fixtures.

Punching, assembly and welding requires a skillful operative to have in place. ABC utilizes a cutting-edge technology for the production of workable maximum sheets, which offers unparallel advantage for profiling raised floor sheets.


Other than durability, the raised floor system is also about standing the test of time. Epoxy coating is an excellent choice against cheap floor paint and is worth the effort for a beautiful finishing. Epoxy acts as a sealant for raised floors and becomes extremely strong after spray. Moreover, epoxy is eco-friendly and non-toxic in nature. It lasts longer, eliminates the air bubble, and protects the underlying floor from moisture, stains, and grease.

Many premises are already benefitting from the epoxy coating – not just for the raised floor but also for other applications. The pure concentrated epoxy resin formula exceeds the quality of normal floor paints and determines high-performance characteristics. Unlike traditional heavy-duty floor paints, an epoxy painted floor will not need repaint every six months.


The tailored configuration of raised floor system has to ensure the robust stability, highest levels of dynamic and static load performance. In order to achieve that, the steel core is injected with the lightened cement.

HUIYA Steel Raised Floor System is mainly assembled with highly durable OA flooring panel - made from an amalgamation of steel sheet outer shell and lightweight concrete core. They offer an intelligent solution for office buildings, call centers, and educational facilities. Today, the steel Floor system is rapidly evolving with innovative design and material innovations.


Adjustable pedestals are an important piece of equipment that enables the laying of tiles and slabs without adhesive. The raised floor construction involves fixing of tiles and holds everything intact in a place. By having flat head and center head pedestal constantly in position, you can construct a reliable raising floor structure prior to any exceptions.

Today pedestal is used for fastening a panel from corner and permits easy installation. Since pedestal heads have wedges on the corners, it allows panel edges to fit on top. The lock is then screwed down with panels; making system much stronger.


A concentrated load is a uniform load imposed on a very small area of the structure’s surface, and is expressed by taking the total weight of the rack divided by the number of points.

A raised floor demands some sort of capacity to support/resist it. Thus, the concentrated load calculation is imperative for maintaining a uniform distribution of loads and ensuring practical methods of designing a steel raised floor construction. Our team walks you through several designs and brings out the best plan to support the demand w.r.t the specification of your room.

How to distinguish FS800, FS1000, FS1250 and FS1500? and steel thickness?

FS Series filled-steel panel system sets the scale for versatility and long term durability and constructed to accommodate ultimate loads. The blend of cementitious filling and powder coated epoxy finishing gives the FS panel a very solid feel underfoot. Every genuine FS panel comes with imprinted specifications and undergoes testing, assessment and ISO certification criteria to meet the relevant quality fervently, safety, and performance.

But how would you distinguish between different FS standards? Its fairly simple. The main difference between FS standards is the concentrated load, uniform load and ultimate limit load.

Type Size LB N KG Uniform Load (N/m2) Ultimate Limit Load (N) Remark
FS800 600x600x35 800 3560 360 18140 10700 600 Type
FS1000 600x600x35 1000 4450 450 23000 13350 600 Type
FS1250 600x600x35 1250 5560 560 33000 16680 600 Type
FS1500 600x600x35 1500 6670 680 44900 22680 600 Type


Steel raised floor might look like a pile of work to install, it is honestly very simple to implement and even easier to maintain.  The key benefits of steel raised floor are:

Lightweight and ease of handling. Steel raised floor stand out for its efficiency in construction. It is relatively lightweight, and ease of construction makes its suitable for almost every structure. Besides, many companies are looking for innovative ways to minimize cost and lower the product's weight. Steel raised floor fits and requirement the budget of every individual. Even the engineers can architecture steel raised floor in ways that would previously have been considered impossible.

Excellent load performance. Steel is known for its outstanding load carrying capacity and distributes the load evenly to concrete. Other than conferring you the flexibility to design the way you want, steel raised floor balance and even weight distribution. ABC engineers stringently adhere to the performance‐based guidelines and fervently guarantee that the design delivers permissible loading capacity.

Completely Non-Combustible. Protection against fire has always been a primary concern of building code. Gladly, Steel is non-combustible in nature and offer unparalleled fire safety. Steel has a melting point of around 1500°C (2700°F). Hence, having a steel raised floor not only sets the bar for higher productivity but even safeguards your premises, including workers, against fire risk.


The process of steel raised floor manufacturing is similar to other raised floor construction. The only difference is the material used for the construction of the access floor. ABC specialized in a wide range of applications and has developed a good business standard in foreign countries. The loading capacity and construction standard is better than any other supplier and ensure a prolonged performance.

We have made steel raised floor - Hard steel plate and high-level tensile steel plate are adopted on the surface and the bottom of the raised floor. These two plates then formed through punch and welding process for pleasing construction. The elevated structural raised floor formerly provides a void for the passage of mechanical and electrical equipment’s.

We have made GRC raised floor - GRC raised floor solutions are available for office buildings, data centers, meeting room and can be applied for many other applications. It is widely chosen for its eco friendly material and offers unbeatable durability & loading performance.

These were just a few of them; why not discover all your options?. ABC is an independent supplier and installer of all raised floor systems. Trusted by thousands of clients globally, ABC is leading the industry with higher customer satisfaction. For more details, contact us today.