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October 17, 2020


1: How to define HUIYA Raised Floor

HUIYA is broadly acknowledged all over the world for pioneering raised floor solutions in an array of formats. With their enormous manufacturing depth behind each raised floor architecture, HUIYA directly controls the quality from the conception. The design-orientated system is an integral aspect of the production that allows us to manufacture state of the art raised floor technology in the right specifications for major international projects.

Many consider HUIYA as a 'one trusted brand for innovative raised floor' that offers a vast amount of experience and is aware of its customers' responsibility. Being a leading brand in the industry, we are continually working on further developments and adaptations to meet the latest technologies & business requirements. For instance, in the field of the raised floor, HUIYA floor panels are available in a variety of materials - all steel, aluminium, concrete, and GRC concrete flooring system. The choices we provide give you the right kind of solutions to the data center, server room, computer room, modern office, laboratory, and many more.

huiya steel raised floor
huiya steel raised floor

Some critical aspects of HUIYA RAISED FLOORING are:

AOriginal China Products.

HUIYA is not associated or dependent on the third party, and directly controls the manufacturing process. The qualified engineers utilize state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment, and fervently guarantee the utmost precision at all the production phases. Besides, the skilled experts carry a wide variety of quality inspections to ensure that raised floor architecture complies with the international standard.

Above and beyond, HUIYA raised floor combines the high standard structural engineering techniques with innovative, original China products. The result - the ablest product with the right specifications to withstand the critical raised flooring structure.

B: Follow the quality standard - CISCA Access Floor Standard

HUIYA raised flooring adheres to the industry-approved testing method, CISCA (Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association), and follows the regularity framework & terms nationally and internationally. Complying to CISCA standards in turn ensure:

  • Good quality raised floor architecture of greater efficiency and minimal waste.
  • Consistent control of major manufacturing processes.
  • Improved risk management.
  • Reduction of manufacturing defects or errors
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • More reliable products from competitors.
  • Embedding culture of quality


C: Budget-friendly compared to Europe Raised Floor Products and America Raised Floor Products.

HUIYA raised floor fits every individual's budget and brought you innovative solutions at a pocket-friendly price. The qualified engineers and designers can give you more than one ways to upgrade your flooring on a budget.

  • We don't compromise on quality. HUIYA high-end raised floor has attained accreditations for achieving long-term, sustained success and solely focuses on meeting all clients' expectations. Many organizations have already benefitted from the HUIYA raised floor system and found them the most authoritative brand.
  • Collaborate approach. HUIYA raised floor production is a collaborative approach of management, engineers, design team, and quality supervision, contributing to the complete flooring solution. Whatever the condition of your floor or the requirement, HUIYA has the experience and expertise to give you the flooring solution you truly desire for your property.
  • Top-notch services. Our focus is always on the immeasurable customer experience. The combination of high-quality products and workmanship guarantee that you will get the most value for your investment with us. From the moment you contact us, it is professionalism all the way. It doesn't matter whether you need a small flooring system or a much larger installation; you can expect nothing less than absolute professionalism.
  • Fulfills unique industry needs. HUIYA team truly understands each individual's unique needs and fortunate enough to meet a wide range of business requirements. Since we offer distinctive industrial flooring solutions, there's something for every business regardless of the industry you work in.

D: we have a stringent quality check process and quality check machines.

HUIYA raised floor system continues to evolve in materials and production methods. The raised floor equipment usually costs more in other countries; we make them available to you at a reasonable price. The modern building is confronting a variety of new and complex challenges, as well as stiffer competition. HUIYA stands out among other manufacturing industries for a stringent quality checking process. Our parameters cover:

  • Quality by Design. Concentrating on designing and developing manufacturing processes to meet predefined product quality requirements.
  • Quality by testing. Comparison of finished products to approved specifications.
  • ISO certification. ISO label certifies that equipment meets the international standard and defines the actual quality of the equipmentIn other words, HUIYA meets the standards required by customers and regulations alike.

E: 10 Years of Quality Guarantee.

Investing in HUIYU is more like investing in proficiency because we bring years of experience into our expertise. No matter how complicated or precarious the project is, our qualified team will assist from the initial concept & costing stage and stays with you till the final phase.

As a leading brand based in China, our comprehensive experience is the key to a successful and problem-free raised flooring solution for all types of businesses in a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing finishes.

2What kind of raised floor we make?

The specification of the raised floor structure differs as per the client's requirement. Some designs require highly flexible solutions that could meet architectural and functional needs in an intelligent modern building, while others raised floor for cable management systems.

HUIYU standard service includes a full site survey before the project commencement to prepare the levels and evaluate the required materials. Besides flexibility, raised floor systems are also about tough builds to support a demanding environment.

Raised Floor for Office:

From a small computer room to large office building, the raised floor system smartens up your space to suit the most required applications & client requirements. The installation team ensures everything goes smoothly prior to any setbacks. In the end, you will get a system capable of accomodating a huge number of data cables, supervise high temperatures, and remain adaptable for future technological. Appropriate Raised Floor Spec for offices are:

  • 500 x 500mm x28mm Bare Steel Raised Floor. High grade made in China bare steel raised floor encompass a unique design and formed spot-welded with an epoxy powder finish. It can deliver high mechanic strength and loading capacity, excellent fire-proof;
  • 600 x 600 x 33mm bare steel raised floo It is another variant of raised floor, composed of all-steel sheets and surfaced with high dimension accuracy.
  • 600x 600x 30mm Encapsulated Galvanized Calcium Sulphate raised floor. This one satisfies the people living standard, offers easy laying and maintenance. Other than providing great flexibility to future device configuration, Encapsulated Galvanized Calcium Sulphate raised floor can make a room neat and beautiful.
  • 500x500x26mm GRC raised floor. GRC raised floor uses cement and gypsum powder as primary raw materials. Since the floor doesn't contain metal material,

Raised Floor for Data Center:

The raised floor is a dominant hallmark of data centers and is the only practical way to meet air supply or wiring designs. In the present day, raised floor systems can provide physical support for electronics, air distribution & management, electrical power access, and even a beautiful appearance. Appropriate Raised Floor Spec for data centers are:

  • 600x600x35mm HPL steel raised floor
  • 610x610x35mm HPL steel raised floor
  • 600x600x32mm HPL Calcium Sulphate raised floor

All steel anti-static HPL floor can tolerate high temperature and has conductive chips installed around its surface. Its main specialties are:


  1. Designed particularly for computer room & data centers, electrical-controlled classrooms
  2. Delivers ultimate load performance
  3. Lightweight cementitious fill makes panels smooth and reliable
  4. Entirely non-combustible
  5. Epoxy paint finish for lifetime protection
  6. Class-A flame spread and smoke development ratings
  7. Available in a wide range of finishes


The HPL Calcium Sulphate raised floor is made of non-toxic and unbleached plant fibers, combined with solidified calcium sulphate crystals. The HPL calcium sulphate raised floor might sound complicated but has lots of advantages and surprising characteristics. Since HPL calcium sulphate raised floor is eco-friendly, fire-resistant, and offers high strength, they have become a foremost choice of designers and exceeds the expectation of modern space.

Hidden aspects of HPL Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor is:

  • High strength and resistance
  • Good sound insulation, fireproof and waterproof performance
  • ABS or PVC laminated Floor panel edges
  • Creative decorative floor covering and finishes available
  • Easy to move and hassle-free install, save time and cost.
  • High physical and mechanical performance.

Are you looking for a versatile raised floor solutions? Contact us today. In this fast-paced world, all we need is a perfect business platform in a cost-effective manner. Whether it's a commercial office, hospitals, data centers, or any other IT suites, HUIYA® Raised Access Flooring System complements any interior design scheme in a comprehensive choice of finishes. Experienced specialists and qualified engineers recognize the specifications and assure flawless compliance and guidance with panels, pedestals, floor height, and finished products.

Calling our experts for raised floors has certain advantages in terms of safety, infrastructure, and business image. The bespoke plan of the Raised Floor means that the panels encore a variety of classifications and a range of pedestals to accomplish perfection. The final structure will not bear any loose end finish.