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Is your raised floor need replace?

Is your raised floor need replace?

January 24, 2021

A raised floor gives a lot of convinence in server rooms and data center.  Some problems issue may happened. some HPL(high pressure laminate) would craked and some raised floor would damaged for some yeas. Managing a raised floor replacement is a daunting task. For international Sale. where is the loacal distributor and service teams. it is vintal important.

huiya raised floor
huiya raised floor

Where to buy the replacement raised floor materials and who will assist to replace raised floor to a new one?

Customer should consider to replace raised floor for three reasons:

Poor Pedestals Support.

The pedestals provide support to a raised floor system. with the passage of time (decades of usage), they become bent or damaged. This affects the integrity of the whole raised floor. To restore its permanence, it is vital to fix pedestals. You can repair the problem by yourself or call professionals installtion team to replace the structure of raised flooring.

Raised Floor Tile Crack.

The raised floor tile will crack and abrasion for some years.

Raised Floor Collapse.

A raised floor panel collapse by heavy machine.  If you want to buy more stronger raised floor . we have FS1000, FS1250 and FS1500 raised floor panels.

How Can HUIYA Really Help To Repair Raised Floor System?

One wouldn’t deny that the raised floor has many unforeseen practical advantages and leads to better office space and server rooms space management. An organization with well-managed raised floor systems can quickly respond to technological change, adjust to business expansion, and efficiently manage departmental moves.

HUIYA is a trusted Brand in the raised floor industry, we provide raised floor material to some country and we have some local distributors in loacal country.Our disrtiutor can assist you raised floor replacement and small quantity raised floor sell. Find more Huiya Distributions? please check: Local Partner

huiya raised access floor
huiya raised access floor

What is our Huiya Distributors and Insallation Team Do:

Assessing the pedestals condition

Pedestals pass the load to the ground, ensure even distribution system and keep the raised floor intact in one place.

Removing the damaged frame

A new frame is needed to restore the damaged frame. Our experts will unscrew the frame (or might lift it out) to improve its performance.

Adjusting the height and balance

You’ll often observe the difference in height in the old raised floor system. Our professionals can locate points that cause the height difference and quickly create a single seamless surface across the floor. You won’t be worrying about inconsistencies. We will unbolt the frame, adjust (lift out) and solve all the performance issues.

Electrocution problem

Have you been experiencing electric shock through the floor? A raised floor must be designed with a non-conductive material to prevent surprising electric shock. ESD raised floor system is widely chosen to reduce static discharge in the IT industry. Beyond avoiding shock, ESD flooring also delivers high strength & durability, and easy maintenance solution.