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Office Low Profile traised floor vs Traditional bare raised floor

Office Low Profile traised floor vs Traditional bare raised floor

March 21, 2021

General Office Raised floor Layout Situation

what’s the best raised flooring plan for a modern office these days? An office is a place where all computer data line need to be managed under floor. You need to have the raised floor supporting advanced technological requirements and aggressive foot traffic.
Here at HUIYA, we agree on most of the vital things, i.e. installing a raised floor system above a concrete floor. The importance of having one for your office is the seamless integration of HVAC, mechanical, electrical and air distribution services.
Being a leading brand in the raised floor industry, we differ on some of the aesthetics and functionality of raised floor construction. Our plan and layout serve the purpose better than others: a low profile raised floor plan or a traditional raised floor plan. In both categories, there are pros and cons to each. Thus, it really comes down to your goals, taste and preference. If you’re confused about which one should you prefer in your new building, too, don’t worry - we’ve compiled pros and cons for each.

huiya raised access floor
huiya raised access floor

Understanding the difference between Traditional bare raised floor and Low Profile Raised floor.


Traditional standard bare raised floor design

The traditional standard bare raised floor system is designed with a support height of 6 inches or more. The underneath space becomes a separate void, which can be used to improve air distribution, organize wiring and offer mechanical services. traditional bare raised floor size is 600x600x33mm and it has two understructure, one is the coener lock systems and another is bolted stringer systems.  the finish height of raised floor can not lower than 60mm.

standard bare raised floor
standard bare raised floor

Low Profile Raised Floor design

Low profile raised floors, on the other hand, are often the overlooked choice. In reality, a much-sophisticated raised flooring option for modern offices. When people imagine raised floors, they naturally select traditional options designed for underfloor air distribution. Accredited as an indispensable element for the modern buildings, low profile raised floors have a height of less than 6” from the concrete floor. Its subtle design is a perfect solution for your cable management needs – which is enough for any office or technology building.

In the world where technology serves as the company's backbone, raised floor installation is broadly necessitated for several reasons. From telecommunication to hospitals, banks, and data centres, everybody is taking advantage of a pioneer raised floor solution to comply with current & future efficiency needs.
Other than providing an aesthetically pleasing environment, a raised floor makes cables routing during renovation & expansion much faster and less expensive. Clusters of cables can be organized for easy outlining during trouble-shooting. The raised floor can also serve as an air plenum for cool air distribution.

low profile bare raised floor
low profile bare raised floor

How Do I Choose Raised Floor Type?

Both low profile and traditional standard raised floors will work flawlessly for any modern office. However, if your technological requirements are massive and require a provision for servers or massive computing applications, a traditional standard raised floor will work flawlessly.
Other than a technological requirement, one should pay attention to:
Specification, i.e., weight, robustness and load-bearing capacity.
Safety and fire protection systems.
Electric grounding and static electricity requirements.
Structural platform for installing equipment



Open & organized offices have been the trendiest workplace design in recent years and significantly impact the business’s aura. Flooring is just one of the best ways to organize space efficiently.
While traditional raised floor allows the company to adhere to consistent technological change, low profile helps satisfy HVAC & wiring need and is an excellent option for open offices.
When it comes to tiles, there are plenty of options to choose from. For modern offices, one can install carpet, laminate or luxury vinyl with an ESD & noise-reduction layer underneath to abate sound.

Find traditional bare raised floor and Low profile in HuiyaInc

Do you wish to find this two raised floor solution also? Our experts are proficient in navigating your decision and choosing appropriate materials, patterns, and colors for your building raised floor. To see the perfect example of our impeccable work, call us today. you can keep search our products list and find more detial about low profile raised floor and standard 600mm size bare raised floor.