Data Center Ceiling

The functioning of a data center is dependent on several factors. One of them is the components that protect the center, mainly the equipment and the servers, from excessive temperature variations, humidity, other environmental factors, and fire possibility. Installing the effective data center ceiling while the structure is being made is essential to maintain the place's optimal temperature.

A proper ceiling installation will help you maintain the temperature and thwart the adverse effects caused due to other factors. It will also help you add new equipment, easy maintenance, and maintain the structure levels.


What is data center ceiling?

Data center ceiling is not your average everywhere used false ceiling. It needs to have an appropriate height, and that can be a tricky business. Often, the height is determined by the firm's workspace, cabling solution, and the fire suspension system installed.

The data center ceiling is like a false ceiling that is added below the solid substrate. It is done by adding grids and panels, creating a gap between the substrate and the false ceiling. The desired space is created between the two for better air supply and passing of the cables. The ceilings can be grated or perforated, allowing better ventilation to facilitate the cooling system that has been installed.

For the data center ceiling, a wide range of materials are used, but one thing that is kept in mind is that the material is resistant to heat and fire. Also, it needs to be tough against corrosion and other environmental factors. So often, material like cement is used to create the data center ceiling, and adhesive or other mechanical solutions are used to affix them along with the panels in a grid system.

Irrespective of whether a data center uses the server and equipment cables to pass through the ceiling, having a proper data center ceiling is vital.


Why data center ceiling?

When you are installing the data center ceiling, one question that often plagues many is its height. According to industry experts, the minimum height should be 12 feet, and if you go for 14 feet, it is better.

You may ask why? The simple reason is the higher the data center ceiling is, the better because it will allow you to have the space for cabinets above. Thes often accumulate rising heat, and the height will minimize its capacity to mix with col air, thus improving air conditioning efficiency.

When height is added to the data center ceiling, it provides space for the overhead cable trays and enhances the lighting. However, it is essential that when you add data center ceiling and user inert gas fire suppression, you should add sprinklers too. In case you cannot add height to the data center ceiling, then duct the air returning from the hot aisle to the air conditioners.

With an integrated data center ceiling solution, you will improve the management of the airflow and improve the adaptability and load-carrying solution of the ceilings. The easy to reconfigure solutions for the electrical distribution and cable trays adds to the reason why the data center ceiling should be used.

It also offers several other benefits too.

The Advantage Of Data Ceiling?

Protecting your data centre is crucial, and these data are often susceptible to heat and environmental changes because the servers can be affected by these factors. Adding a data center ceiling will allow you to keep these servers cool and safeguard the equipment that stores the data and provides some added advantages.


Scalability: A custom made design of the ceiling tiles are arranged individually, which benefits the data center's scaling. As time progresses, you will have the option to add cables and electrical equipment as required, without you having to build a new space.


Space management: Sufficient space to place the quantity of power and communication cable needed to aid the data center workflow.


Cost-effective: The data center ceiling offers cost-saving with OpEx and CapEx in the long run. It is true that during the construction, having a data center ceiling does cost more, but it is an investment that reduces the operational cost.



How To Buy Data Center Ceiling?

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So when you are developing a data center, you can procure the Huiya data center ceiling for the next data center project following two options:

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