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Why Do You Need Data Center Fire Partition Wall?

You know your IT safe and server room of the data center is safe from the fire with the fire protection you have put in place. But what happens to the rest of the building in case of a fire? While it is the norm, regulated by the government and states, to have a fire protection wall and safeguard your important files, electrical wires, and rooms of central importance, it is essential to have a fire partition wall in your data.

As an IT firm owner, you must have a fire protection plan in place so that not only the structure but the property and the essential data you deal with are safe. So what is a fire partition? Often people interchange the terms fire partition and fire barrier, but you must know the difference between the two so you know what to install in your data center and where.

What Is Data Center Fire Partition Wall?

While both fire partition and fire barrier are used to prevent fire and as a fire management system, according to IBC (International Building Code), there is a difference between the two based on the fire-resisting rating numbers each of them is assigned.

As per IBC, for the fire partition wall, the fire-resistance rating should not be less than thirty minutes. However, the requirement is a minimum of an hour for fire resistance in a partition wall, depending on the building structure's occupancy. A fire barrier, according to IBC, must have a minimum of an hour's rating for fire resistance and can be extended to four hours depending on the building occupancy.

The fire partition wall and fire barrier's main objective is to restrict fire rapidly, and smoke spread across the building. A fire partition wall is installed during the construction to ensure that the walls separate each room from the other, and as per IBC guidelines, there are three categories of firewalls:

  • Regular firewall
  • Fire barrier walls
  • High challenge firewalls

The fire barriers are further categorized into:

  • Firewall
  • Fire Partition
  • Smoke barrier

Why Have A Fire Partition Wall?

Any fire that has started will grow when it is unchecked, mainly if there is ample combustible material and oxygen available. Any data center is a place infested with wires and electricity, and other flammable material will allow a small flame to become a raging fire within minutes.

Therefore, a fire partition wall will allow the occupants to escape such a scenario safely until the rescue team starts the intervention. The wall will also give the occupants a chance to limit its spread and control it immediately by compartmentation.

One of the effective methods followed while installing a fire partition wall is to enable curbing oxygen access to the fire. It is often the inhalation of smoke and toxic gas released when combined with other combustible materials that cause a fatality. So while the fire can rage within the compartment surrounded by fire-resistant boundaries that ensure that the hot and toxic gases, the fire, and smoke do not spread to the adjacent chamber, occupants can escape and save the data other documents of vital importance.

The Advantage Of Data Center Fire Partition Wall

A data center is an epicenter that deals with a range of complex, intricate, and confidential information that needs to be protected virtually and physically. Hence, when planning to design the data center building, you must have a fire protection solution, which includes installing a fire partition wall as part of the fire-rated panel.

There are several advantages of installing a fire partition wall in the data center:

  • Excellent protection of the employee and the data center equipment, which is the core of the entire firm.
  • Thermal transmission that is the walls prevent the fire from spreading and are heat resistant.
  • Fire containment is a provision offered by a fire partition wall that also thwarts the spreading of toxic gases, chemicals, and smoke that often occurs when there is a fire
  • Easy to install fire partition walls are cost-effective and an excellent all-around solution for protection against fire, smoke, and other hazards associated with them.

How To Buy Fire Partition Wall?

One of the best-fire partition walls you can buy for your data center is Huiya. A global company that has been in the business and integrated with R&D that offers a range of fire partition and barrier solutions.

You can procure the Huiya fire partition wall for the next data center project following two options:

  1. International Sale: You can buy directly from the factory, where the quantity will be offered in bulk.
  2. Buy from our local store: Contact Huyia, and the customer service will direct you to the local store that sells Huiya data center fire partition wall.

Get your data center fire-proof with Huiya’s fire partition wall today.

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