outdoor raised floor

Outdoor Raised Floor

If you plan to give your outdoor space a facelift that will look trendy and yet be cost-effective and useful, the outdoor raised floor is the most practical and high-performance solution. Part of the modular element design is created to cover building floors, both indoor and outdoor spaces that guarantee aesthetic and functionality.

Outdoor raised floors are suitable for a range of outdoor spaces, like gardens, terraces, patio, pavements, poolsides, to name a few. The technology used in the outdoor raised floor is efficient because of the continuous void it creates beneath the floor surface. This void can be easily used to route all technical and cabling systems with flexibility.

It is easy to install, and a diverse range of cover offered for the outdoor raised floor can be applied to a range of buildings, including renovation. The raised flooring can also be easily installed on top of the existing flooring.

huiya raised access floor
huiya raised access floor

What is an outdoor raised floor?

An outdoor raised floor is a type of flooring that suits a wide variety of environments and can be used across a wide range of outdoor places. It offers stability, pressure resistance while having the ability to withstand extreme temperature and weather variation. Typically, slabs are used in a grid form on top of a panel and can be installed easily over the existing floor or surface. The slabs installed to form a gap between the underlying surface, creating a void, which can be used for various purposes. The easy-to-install feature of the outdoor raised floor has made it a popular choice among homeowners, which offers several other benefits.

Why outdoor raised floor?

An outdoor raised floor is an easy solution that can give a new look to any building or house without you having to carry out an invasive intervention on the entire outdoor space. So, while the installation of the raised floor can be made on the existing flooring, one needs to warrant that there is not seepage and the surface can support the structure of the raised floor.

The gap created between the raised floor and the underlying surface can be used for hiding equipment and elements that are unsightly, like cables, tubes, water pipes, and other systems, thus allowing you to create a clean and tidy outdoor space.

Almost all the outdoor spaces like gardens, terraces, verandas, poolsides, pavements, and walkways can be covered using the raised floor solution. Depending on the area you are covering and the preference, you can choose from a range of materials like stone, marble, ceramic, granite, cement, and decking.

This wide choice allows you to create perfect harmony with your outdoor furniture and the house.

Furthermore,  the outdoor installation can be done very fast because of its modular nature. Also, since you do not have to undertake any demolition to add the floor, you save money.

Apart from these, there are several other advantages of having an outdoor raised floor.

The advantage of an outdoor raised floor?

Homebuyers are now rediscovering the elegance and advantages of adding the outdoor raised floor design to the construction. Apart from giving it a visual appeal that the outdoor raised floor offers, there are other advantages of this construction too. Some of them are:

  • Natural insulator: Wood or concrete used for the raised floor can act as an insulator that can protect the building from possible moisture issues and allow you to walk on a comfortable, warm surface.
  • Reduces flood risk: A raised outdoor floor can prevent and guard the possible flood with the base flood elevation.  While it can be costly when it is being constructed but in the long-run, it will be cost-effective and protect your building.
  • Water drainage: Since slabs are used for raising the floor, the outdoor raised floors often have joints that have a gap. These gaps allow the water to be drained quickly and efficiently to the soil, thus enhancing the waterproofing process.
  • Easy to maintain: With each slab individually, it is easy to maintain and remove them separately if it is damaged. Also, to keep the underground equipment if there is any without having to remove the entire structure.

How to Buy an outdoor raised floor?

One of the best outdoor raised floors for your next building you can opt for is Huiya. A global company that has been in the business and integrated with R&D that offers a range of outdoor raised floor solutions and services like manufacturing and sales.

As an architect who knows the importance of an outdoor raised floor, you can procure the Huiya raised floor for the next project by following either of these two options:

  1. International Sale: You can buy directly from the factory where you need to purchase in bulk per container
  2. Buy from our local store: Contact Huyia, and the customer service will direct you to the local store that sells Huiya products for the outdoor raised floor.

You can contact Huiya to get started with your outdoor raised floor planning and installation now.

Outdoor Raised Floor
Outdoor Raised Floor

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