thermo raised floor

Thermo Raised Floor

 Walking on a warm floor on a winter day early in the morning is like a dream come true. Well, with thermo raised floor, this dream is not very much possible. Now the can be integrated with a heating system that can serve the raised floor's purpose while giving you the ambient warm feeling.

Thermo-raised floors can be used across various buildings, starting from homes to hotels, offices, and corporate places. As an individual who wants to install a thermo raised floor, you can opt for a range of materials that includes granite, stone, ceramic, and even wood. On top of it, you can add the cover you like, i.e., textile, elastic, or parquet.

But before you make the final decision of installing a thermo raised floor, whether for office or home, you should know what a thermo raised floor is, why you should install it, its advantages, and from where you should buy it.

huiya raised access floor
huiya raised access floor

What is thermo raised floor?

As mentioned earlier, thermo raised floors can be used across a range of areas. It can be used to complete new construction or to renovate an old one. Typically, a thermo raised floor is constructed with special aluminum panels and pipes that are sandwiched between a lower polystyrene insulating layer and a top panel that finishes it. The aluminum foil paneling enables the multilayer pipe to fit perfectly within the tile that enhances thermal efficiency. This pipeline is attached to a thermal plant with water passing between 17 degrees C and 35 degrees C. The distribution ensures that the heat is spread uniformly, thus creating the thermo floor.

These tiles with the panels are attached on top of the existing concrete floor, where a void is created between the two, allowing the air's optimum passing to maintain the temperature. The cavity created beneath the floor also allows you to put the wiring, plumbing, computer, and telecom connection while maintaining the supply of fresh air.

Why thermo raised floor?

Apart from the fact that the floor is not dead-cold and gives you a warm feeling, a thermo raised floor is easy to install and gives total accessibility to the system that makes it so useful. This easy-to-operate feature of the floor panels can be repositioned by any technician effortlessly within the technician's minimum input.

Thermo-raised floors are built to give you maximum comfort with ease, simplicity, and precision. Moreover, despite holding such features, the tiles and the panels are light, easy to install, and completely dry. Hence the floor can be used in any space where you need the raised floor.

With each panel separately placed, you can remove them and relocate them easily, thus having full access to the underfloor to maintain or modify any system you want to.

Apart from these, there are several other advantages of installing a thermo raised floor.

The advantage of thermo raised floor?

With a wide range of materials that you can use for thermo raised floor that helps with the floor's heating, you are looking into quite a few advantages of installing this system.

Saves money: In the long-run, saving energy means saving money. A thermo raised floor with a dry radiant system enables you to keep the room temperature as you desire, and you can get that temperature within a short time. It also helps in a significant reduction of consumption of energy.

Environment-friendly: The radiant floor system helps you save energy by avoiding long preheating times, thus reducing energy consumption significantly. Also, the equal distribution of the air helps maintain the room's optimal temperature, thus avoiding long heating times.

Energy Saving: The advanced control system, which can be included in the thermal raised floor, allows you to regulate the temperature perfectly. It also helps in thwarting the abrupt changes in the room's temperature caused due to the outside heat.

Apart from these, the thermo raised floors can facilitate better maintenance of the equipment and wires placed in the void without the worry of damaging any of the floor's heating.

How to Buy our thermo raised floor?

For installing one of the best thermo raised floors for your next building, you can opt for Huiya's thermo raised floors. A global company that has been in the business and integrated with R&D that offers a range of thermo raised floor solutions and services like manufacturing and sales.

Like a building architect and designer, you can procure the Huiya thermo raised floor for the next project by following either of these two options:

  1. International Sale:You can buy directly from the factory where you need to purchase in a bulk per container
  2. Buy from our local store: Contact Huyia, and the customer service will direct you to the local store that sells Huiya products about thermo raised floor.

Contact Huiya to get thermo raised floor for the next construction project now and get started.

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