Pedestal office raised floor accessories

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  • FOB Price: US $1 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min. Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port Guangzhou
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Condition: New
Payments: Telegraphic Transfer / Letter of Credit at sight
Shipping method: Support Sea Freight.
Export Country: Shipping From China
Delivery: Estimated 50-250SQM/2 weeks preparation.
Estimated 500-100000SQM( Two Weeks Preparation and 1 day for 500SQM).
Sample: Sample is Free and International Delivery Fee Paid by Customer
Container Loading: 500SQM/20ft Container
MOQ: No Quantity Limitation
Returns: Does not accept returns
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An elevated floor system, alternatively referred to as an access floor system, is a structurally raised floor system installed on a reinforced concrete slab. The high floor system consists of a series of panels mounted on vertically adjustable pedestals. The pedestals are secured to the concrete slab using appropriate methods, such as adhesives or mechanical fasteners. Additionally, because the pedestals are movable, the space between the elevated floor system and the reinforced concrete slab below can be changed between 7.62cm (3inches) and 121.92cm (48inches). Additionally, the raised floor system panel comprises a cement or wood core and is covered in steel or aluminum. It measures 60.96cm by 60.96cm. Finally, the panels can be used with various flooring materials, including vinyl, linoleum, laminate, rubber, carpet, and stone or ceramic tiles.

bare steel cermentious raised floor pedestal
bare steel cermentious raised floor pedestal

The advantages of a raised floor pedestal include the following:

The raised floor design is renowned for resolving shear transfer concerns over the diaphragm.

• Raised floor systems are entirely watertight.

• This necessitates cost reductions in locations with a high seismic zone.

• Raised outdoor floor systems serve as a base of thermal mass for radiant heat systems that distribute heat via hot water or hot air. Thus, cooling and heating a structure using a raised flooring system is a practical solution.

• Another advantage that raised floor systems provide homes is acoustic isolation.

• Wind-prone areas have elevated floor systems to increase the durability and lateral resistance of multistory buildings, particularly when connected with a concrete roof system.


• It should be capable of supporting 11.86KN/m2 of load.

• It must be capable of carrying a 4KN point load.

• The raised floor system must be capable of withstanding an impact load of at least 2.25KN.

• It should be capable of withstanding a rolling load of 2KN per wheel over 1000 passes.

Where to get the pedestal for the Raised Floor:

You can contact a reputable dealer in your nation, as not everyone is experienced enough to manage it.

Why Is It Necessary To Import A Chinese Raised Floor Pedestal?

As a result of their rapid growth, many businesses have begun to compete on an international level. A well-organized elevated level is essential when a company starts up or expands to handle wiring and maintenance activities. To accommodate demand, imports or custom-made products can be utilized. Importing, on the other hand, can save you a significant amount of money over time.

Every country is distinct and has its own resources. China now has the technology to make low-cost die-cast aluminum-raised floors that match the required specifications. If a raised floor system built in China appeals to Japanese, Taiwanese, or Korean businesspeople, they can import it and sell it to customers.

How Do I Import A Chinese Raised Floor Pedestal?

It is relatively simple to import, as most Chinese raised access floor firms are international suppliers of the Raised floor pedestal material. A buyer can hunt for local distributors who will either keep or cooperate with the business.

If a local distributor is unavailable, you can contact a China-based raised floor pedestal service provider, such as access floor store, for a quote on your needs. They will provide you with information on the most acceptable option as well as the procedure for importing it from China.

These businesses frequently provide you the choice of placing little or large orders. They also take the shortest possible time to complete an order.

Final Thoughts

Consider Raised floor pedestal from China if you are renovating or starting a new construction project that demands low maintenance, eco-friendly, lightweight flooring for your data center, computer rooms, libraries, clean room, or even the basement of a residential area. It's a cost-effective solution with a lengthy lifespan and a slew of advantages. So, for your raised floor solution, contact a reputed die-cast aluminum raised floor provider. `

Raised Floor Pedestal OA consists of a base plate, threaded rod, hexagon nut, spring washer, adjustable die-cast aluminum head plate, anti-vibration PVC gasket and 4 panel locking screws.

Your corner lock panels can be directly fixed to the slots of head plate with four M6 screws. An anti-vibration gasket is fixed to aluminum pedestal head plate.

Raised Floor Pedestal OA can provide +25 mm and -20 mm (+0.98" and -0.78") vertical adjustment. OA series pedestals installed with nominal corner lock panels (500 mm × 500 mm) are able to reach finished floor heights (FFH) from 50 mm to 200 mm (1.9" to 7.8"). Higher FFH are available upon request.

raised floor pedestal OEM
Range of Finished Floor Heights From 50 mm to 200 mm (1.9" to 7.8")
Range of Threaded Rod Heights From 30 mm to 180 mm (1.18" to 7.08")
Range of Height Adjustment +25 mm, -20 mm (+0.98" and -0.78")
Coating The whole access floor pedestal is plated in yellow zinc except for the aluminum head plate, other coatings are available upon request.



Die cast aluminum head plate, Cornerlock System

floor pedestal

Application OA series is suitable for low profile flooring system or any application with light or medium load requirements.
Compatible panel size Dimension: 500 mm × 500 mm
Panel height: 30 mm-32 mm
Without using stringer
Compatible panel Concrete filled steel panel with four corner lock holes.
Hollow steel panel with four corner lock holes.
Understructure system Cornerlock system
Non-Rigid Grid (without using stringer)
floor pedestal



1. Die cast aluminum head plate 56 mm × 56 mm
2. Aluminum head plate’s tapped holes for panel screw M6
3. Aluminum head plate’s inner threaded hole for threaded rod M16
4. Threaded rod M16
5. Hexagon nut M16
6. Spring washer M16
7. Base plate Length × Width: 70 mm×70 mm
Thickness: 1.6 mm
8. Tapped hole for earth connection M6 tapped hole
9. Earthing screw (pan head screw) M6*10



1. The raised floor pedestal components are pre-assembled to reduce your installation time.

2. The raised floor pedestal’s aluminum head plate with 4 tapped holes can provide full corner support of panels. Your corner lock floor panel can be mechanically fastened to the pedestal’s aluminum head plate at all four corners of your panel to ensure rigidity.

3. Upon customer’s request of earthing (grounding), an earth screw point on the base plate will be tapped and a M6 screw will be provided. Installation of earth bonding can be realized by passing and tightening the M6 screw through your wire connector.

4. OA series pedestals installed with floor panel can reach finished floor heights range from 50 mm to 200 mm. Higher pedestals are available upon request.

5. Height adjustment +25 mm and -20 mm (+0.98" and -0.78").

6. A spring washer and a hexagon nut screwed on the threaded rod can be tightened to hold the aluminum head plate in position.

7. An anti-vibration gasket fixed on the aluminum head plate can dampen noise and shock.



1. The whole access floor pedestal is plated in yellow zinc except for the aluminum head plate, other coatings are available upon request.

2. If highly corrosion resistant coating (anti-rust coating) is required, we suggest you to have the understructure coated with hot dip zinc galvanization or DACROMET plating.

3. To prevent zinc whisker contamination, we suggest other surface finishing such as powder coating, hot dip zinc galvanizing or nickel plating.

4. Hot dip zinc galvanized threaded rod can be made available but not recommended, because it would be difficult and costly to remain the thread dimensions within the original specifications. We would suggest you to choose other alternatives, such as PVDF, DACROMET or powder coating.

5. If you need to check corrosion resistance of specific coating or specific coating thickness, the coated component or product will be tested in neutral salt spray test and the report will be provided for you.

6. Should you have any special requirements for the corrosion resistance of the pedestal, please inform us. We will do our best to meet your requirements.