Low Profile Office Raised Floor Systems

When grounded or connected to any lower potential point, a steel anti-static raised floor can dissipate the electric charge. The essential characteristic is the resistance, which can be between 104 and 109 ohms and can prevent electrostatic discharge or static electricity. The OA raised floor, which is a type of raised floor that is easy […]

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When grounded or connected to any lower potential point, a steel anti-static raised floor can dissipate the electric charge. The essential characteristic is the resistance, which can be between 104 and 109 ohms and can prevent electrostatic discharge or static electricity. The OA raised floor, which is a type of raised floor that is easy for network expansion of modern office floors and office rooms, solves embedded wire problems in traditional floors and walls. This type of floor conforms to the unique requirements of information automation technologies for the environment of intelligent buildings. It effectively connects the operating system with the control system. The office is more comfortable, clean, elegant, efficient, convenient, and flexible because of the high level of automation.

low profile raised floor
low profile raised floor

In 2021, sustainability remains the dominant theme of commercial office raised  flooring. From this idea came several new developments in the industry. Low Profile Raised Floor is mainly composed of slotted panel, cover board and pedestal. This system solves the height restriction of traditional network floor system,Low profile raised floor has its low finish height advantages. the minimum height be only 35mm. Equipped with advanced management functions for a variety of modern office power lines and data lines, the system provides methodic line planning and allocation.

low profile 500mm size office raised floor

low profile 500mm size office raised floor


Low Profile Raised Floor Characteristics

Low Profile Raised Floor Surface Epoxy paint for lifetime protection;

Tolerance of panel size is 0-0.40mm; Tolerance of panel thickness is ±0.30mm;

Raised Floor flatness required under ≤0.60mm;

The load performance require meet CISCA 2007 standard and BS476

Class A flame spread and Tested by SGS report.

low profile raised floor structure
low profile raised floor structure

Low Profile Raised Floor Applications:Office building, intelligent office environment, customised who need low profile (low raised floor finish height 35mm-50mm)

Use of OA Steel Raised Floor:

The steel raised floor is used in computer rooms, data processing centers, control rooms, laboratories, office buildings, and banks, among other places. Large office buildings, intelligent buildings, government organizations, financial institutions, and other similar structures benefit from the OA elevated floor. To summarise, the most significant distinction between the anti-static raised floor and OA network raised floor is the anti-static function. As a result, various raised floors are used in different places.

Steel raised floor advantages:

However, as with costs, the quality of cold-rolled steel sheets on the market is varied. The steel plate will break if the depth of low-quality ST14 steel is stretched too far. Most manufacturers use a stretch mold with a depth of roughly 20mm. Manufacturers with shallower depths will opt for a steel raised floor of 600x600x30mm. These floors do not have the required load capacity.


  • Simple to keep up with:

It can be nearly impossible to do effective maintenance on intricate and likely packed arrays of servers, sometimes referred to as "cloud" servers, if these servers are not effectively structured. Consider raised access floor systems as a means of keeping your servers organized. Maintaining your organization's PCs is easier for all technical supervisors and personnel with properly placed cabling and simple access ports.

  • If any, cases of overheating:

The primary purpose of raised access floor solutions is to prevent overheating of your servers and PCs. Overheating can cause server maintenance concerns, such as hardware failure and service outages. These computers are better chilled from the bottom, thanks to a unique design that ensures the server array's effectiveness isn't harmed by heat. Raised access floor designs are pretty helpful in preventing server room overheating.

  • Recovering from a disaster:

Many server tower storage options are thought to prevent the need for a disaster recovery strategy. Fortunately, this idea is included in recent designs of raised access floor systems. These systems are safe to use and have a backup power supply. The backup power supply can keep the servers cool and functional in a calamity, such as a severe power outage. Even in the event of a disaster, data integrity can be preserved. Raised access floor systems are widely used and can be used in a variety of settings. Computer rooms, show spaces, general open office areas, conference and training places, and clean rooms are just a few of these areas.

Specifications of the product:

  • Light-weight
  • For the Office in General
  • 36.30 kilogrammes per square metre
  • Corner Lock is an option.

Where can I get the product?

You can get this from any provider who has a solid relationship with Chinese merchants. All of the vendors have a long track record and are industry leaders. Strict control over each procedure might result in a high-quality floor.

Why Is Importing A Chinese Raised Floor Necessary?

Many businesses have begun to compete on an international level as a result of their rapid growth. Level. When a company starts out or expands, a well-organized elevated level is critical. Organize wiring and maintenance tasks. Imports or custom-made products are used to meet demand. It is possible to use items. Importing, on the other hand, can help you save a lot of money.

What Is The Best Way To Import A Chinese Raised Floor?

Because most Chinese raised access floor companies are multinational, it's relatively straightforward to import. Providers of the material for raised floor. A buyer might look for local distributors who can help them stay with the company or work with it. If a local distributor is unavailable, you might contact a raised floor manufacturer in China. It includes details on the best suitable solution as well as the technique for importing it from China.

Low Profile Raised Floor Specification:

Type Size Concertrated Load Defleation≤2.5mm Uniform Load Ultimate Load System Resistance
FS662 600*600 (500*500/ 610*610 is optional) 662 2.95 300 12.50 8.85 1.0x106-1.0x109
FS800 800 3.56 363 16.10 10.68
FS1000 1000 4.45 454 23.00 13.35



If you're rebuilding or beginning from scratch, consider a raised floor from China. It is low-maintenance, eco-friendly, lightweight flooring for a construction project data center, computer rooms, libraries, clean room, or even a residential basement Area. It's a budget-friendly option with a long lifespan and a bevy of benefits. As a result, Contact a good steel raised floor vendor for your raised floor option.