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Raised Floor for Commercial, Residential, and Office

Raised Floor for Commercial, Residential, and Office

November 15, 2020

Why we should used raised floors

The world is changing with corporate giants taking over the streets. Every day a new startup walks down the road of Silicon Valley to make their name on the hall of fame. And with this comes the responsibility to manage the resources that are crucial and critical to handle.
One such resource is the information coils, popularly known as wire/ cables/ thread/ line, etc.
We have seen numerous organizations still struggling with wires and cables, which carry information from one system (PC) to another and, of course, from one location to another. And yet the biggest challenge is designing a designated place for them with limited or no access to daily human interaction.
How useful would it be to create a space within the work area, where the wires and employees can achieve their task without interfering in each other’s arena? It sounds like a notion you must care about, right? “Raised Floors are a one-step solution to these glitches.”

raised floor office
raised floor office

What is raised flooring?

An elevated architectural raised floor is arranged gently over a strong & sturdy ground, primarily used to create a void for electrical wires and mechanical services.
It is a floor over the floor. The space in between will act as a storage and will ensure the maintenance of your LAN wires/ cables and everything electrical that can fit in it.
Raised Floors are typically made up of strong steel structure, positioned over the pedestals to easily handle the load and keep the electrical safe. It is covered with flooring tiles, designer carpets, marbles, stones, high-pressure laminates with curative finishing, etc.

Raised Floors is accompanied by small yet effective specimens, which can enhance the work space's user experience.

Raised floor pedestals

Raised Floor pedestals are small plates of steel welded together in harmony to support the raised access floor.
These pedestals are mounted gently with a firm grip over the steel rods enabling the platform to hold still and take a heavy load. It comprises a solid base plate, threaded rod, height adjustment plate, a tube, and a few nuts to bind them together.
One cannot deny the fact that raised floor pedestals are the most economical, quickest, and yet reliable solution to support the base and installation of a raised floor system. It can be easily adjusted as per the requirement as it comes with a customized option for a conference room, a computer room, and can be adjusted for small companies without any hassle.


Raised floor stringers

Stringers are rods made up of primarily steel or aluminum to form a solid structure that acts as a frame of the platform over the pedestals. These stringers come in different sizes and thickness depending upon the purpose of implementation.
These stringers are popularly known as bars, crossbars, connecting rods, joiners, grid arms, horizontal bars or a simple cross (x) piece.
It is easy to install, but one needs to outline the floor design, durability and shape to ensure a proper fit. All raised floor designs and systems require different stringers, and to guarantee that a correct stringer is chosen, the installer must be aware of the shape and size of the floor along with the purpose of the requirement.


Raised Floor grommet

Raised Floor grommet is design to provide a comprehensive range of sealing solutions to exposed wire cables. A round insert can be gently placed over the access floor panel for the wires to pass through.
It can easily accommodate typical soft wires and avoid human access to an extent. These grommets are easy to handle and can be installed and removed without disturbing the existing wires and cables' alignment.

Now that we know the purpose of raised floor, it is important for us to know where all it can be utilized.
Countless establishments require raised floors to handle mechanical, electrical, and ventilation problems on a daily basis. From corporate giants to newly established businesses, they serve their purpose everywhere.


Let us see The Application of raised floors

1.Corporate office buildings

Many offices are now adapting the unique concept of raised floors to create a more flexible, sustainable, and comfortable space for their employees.
A large company usually comprises thousands of miles of cables in one building, which sometimes creates a huge mess while working around. And when there is a technical glitch, the technician finds it challenging to identify the fault from the bush of wires and cables.
This is where the raised floor comes in handy. It helps to organize the wire correctly and safeguards the interest of the employee and managers. Once installed, all you have to do is access a floor panel section and pick the correct wire to repair.
Above and beyond, raised flooring.

raised floor office
raised floor office

2.Computer centers raised floor

A common problem that the computer centers face is the overheating of the room.
Imagine yourself sitting in a computer office, ready to start your day with a strong cup of coffee. And just after a few hours, you are sweating. The entire computer room is turning into a hot chamber. Well, no one would like to work in this kind of environment.
Many computer centers and equipment rooms are adopting the concept of an underfloor air ventilation system to avoid such situations. It is easy to provide the hot wires and cables with proper air supply to keep the temperature under control through the raised floors.

3.Residential space Raised Floor

While raised floors are designed purposely for corporate organizations and information technology centers, they can also be utilized effectively in our homes.
The world is getting crowded, and the living space is compact now. With the rise of the tiny house concept, we must live an organized life in a small space. And one can easily achieve that with the help of raised floors.
Raised floors are not only used to store wires, but also to make a storage space under your floor to keep your tools and items hidden when it is not required. Imagine a complete floor for yourself to store your items when not in use. Just open an area and access your items whenever needed.

Raised floor in China

China is a market hub of almost every niche and is increasing its capacity to become one of the world's leading information technology valleys. It is moving at a pace to provide high-end customized solutions to all types of offices. And with great pace comes great requirements.
Raised Floors in China are in high demand, making it one of the biggest market places for these items. It is readily available in the local wholesale market at a reasonable price. Online sales are a great option, but for impeccable results, trusted only certified suppliers. HUIYA Inc ensures industrial-grade quality; people generally prefer to talk to the expert, plan a layout, and finalize the desired product.

huiya raised floor manufacturer
huiya raised floor manufacturer

The raised floor drawing

Raised floor drawing is mainly described as a construction document, footprint, blueprint, or technical specifications. It is required at a pre-construction stage to convey the concept or idea for an existing building. Different types of raised floor drawings might be necessary to anticipate each construction detail, which includes the below key points:
Floor plan, defining the location of the raised floor and layout
Elevation, representing the height of the raised floor
Cross-section of each structural component
HVAC drawings and ventilation system
How to discuss the basic layout? A drawing or layout requires a well-thought consideration. Thus, it is essential to talk about your project with professionals and determine what type of raised floor system you are looking for in your property. Each raised floor requires a different layout and plan to suit properties like hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, or data centers.

The advantages to buy raised floor from China’s manufacturer

China’s edge in raised floor technology is expected to benefit other continents and international companies worldwide. Huiya Inc, being a leading brand in raised floor solution, offers you a full-fledged service under one roof, including – installation, foundation, and finishing. Since technological development seems a priority, a well-constructed raised floor system can help businesses to overcome sophistication involved with technology (especially wiring, electrical and mechanical complexities)

3 reasons to Choose Huiya Inc for innovative raised floor

Varieties Under One Roof. Huiya Incevolved to provide a preeminent raised solution for buildings, offices, and data centers. By committing to excellence, Huiya Inchandles multi-faceted projects such as HPL Raised Floor, ESD Tile Raised Floor, Ceramic Tile Raised Floor, Die-Cast Aluminum Raised Floor, Encapsulated Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor, OA Steel Raised Floor, and GRC Raised Floor projects.

Adhere to international standards. Huiya Inc is one of the leading brands to provide high-quality ISO raised flooring system that ultimately brings economic and business benefits. Each unit is expertly designed to yield utmost customer satisfaction with improvements in safety and quality.
Budget friendly. Huiya Inc’s raised floor solution fits the budget of every entrepreneur and business. The competitive price does help budding firms to gain traction in the market and helps them to stain & flourish in a well-organized working environment.
All in all, associating with a Chinese raised floor manufacturer will make your business management effortless.

Raised Floor Conclsion

Have you been looking for a partner? Huiya Inc's raised floor system is an ideal investment for almost any field and offers outstanding levels of floor coverings. For more information on raised floor design and methods, contact Huiya Inctoday. We would be happy to talk about your project!