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Raised Floor

Raised Floor

October 11, 2020

1:What is a raised floor?

A raised floor, in simple words, is termed as an elevated floor system constructed above the original concrete slab floor. Though the infrastructure was initially recommended for IT spaces. Nevertheless, its advanced practicality has created a room to support slots for cooling, electrical, and mechanical services. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the raised floor system is a perfect resolution for modern space management and improves temperature distribution across all of the cabinets, especially in data centers that generate a considerable amount of heat.


Huiya Inc is quite a veteran in the field of the raised floor system and handles inclusive projects in all areas of interior finishes. Our organization’s unique facet is in its capability to combine tailored solutions with quality material & systems. By doing so, we can achieve a very high industry standard explicitly geared to satisfy individual project requirements.

calcium sulphate raised floor
calcium sulphate raised floor

2:Kinds of the raised floor we made

Traditional architectures of the building fail to recognize today’s businesses’ needs, particularly the electrical and mechanical layout. With the help of the raised floor system, a facility can easily accommodate a different working pattern.

Type of raised floor solutions:All steel raised floor,Calcium sulphate raised floor and GRC raised floor.

A: All steel raised floor.

All steel raised floor systems are the foremost choice for modern spaces and are known for excellent design load performance. The non-combustible panel delivers concrete strength and durability and has a class A Flame spread and smoke development rating.

Should you consider all steel raised floor solution? The all-steel raised flooring is known for its excellent waterproof, fireproof, and moisture-proof qualities. Thus, making it a perfect application for computer rooms, data centers, Telecom sectors, Internet service providers, electrical closets, or motor control room.

B: Calcium sulphate raised floor

The calcium sulphate raised floor is a top of the range flooring system and fervently used in an intelligent building or offices – where high performance is required. The factors which make calcium sulphate raised floor a viable choice for contemporary buildings are:

  • Cost-saving customized solutions and competitive pricing.
  • High strength, good loading capacity.
  • Moisture resistance
  • Easy to install and hassle-free to move.
  • Excellent physical and mechanical properties.
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable.
  • Fire and water resistance.
  • Ensure great acoustic values.
  • High levels of sound-proofing

Should you consider calcium sulphate raised floor solution? Calcium sulphate (CS) raised floor solution is a functional choice for heavy industrial environments and offers many brilliant decorative surface finishes. These panels are suitable for general offices, computer rooms, and CS-Series Understructure. Other than these infrastructures, calcium sulphate raised flooring can also be installed in the exhibition room, meeting room, audio-visual room, banks, and casinos.

C: GRC raised floor

GRC Raised Floor, also known as Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete raised floor, is a unique flooring solution prepared with cement and strengthened fiber. The compound not only accentuates superior fire resistance but also increases the bearing capacity.

Highlights of HUIYA GRC raised floor system:

  • ISO9001 raised floor certification.
  • Fireproof, waterproof, sound insulation, and good loading capacity.
  • Easy to install with a precise dimension.
  • Slim, lightweight, and adjustable finish height.
  • Offer impeccable wiring and ventilation structure.

Should you consider Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete raised floor solutions? GRC Raised floor offers outstanding versatility and sustainability. GRC Raised floor is broadly applicable in commercial establishments or the corporate environment. Since GRC provides customization with decorative coverings, it can create a beautiful aesthetic space.

3: Where is the raised floor used?

The applicability of a raised flooring system is not restricted to a particular space. It is suitable for all those businesses that adhere to the latest technology and planning to streamline mechanical or electrical components.

A raised floor system can benefit your premises in several ways, such as:-

  • It is an excellent solution for keeping your building cool. A raised floor system helps in maintaining good airflow management and accentuates cooling infrastructure.
  • It creates room for cabling and additional equipment. A raised floor system makes it easier for you to upgrade your space with the latest equipment. You won’t be worried about hidden cables, physical ports, and power plugs.
  • It offers flexible designs. A raised floor system makes your building future proof and creates room for several other things. It becomes possible for engineers to install current and future equipment, and one can raise floor tiles to allow more space.
  • It offers endless possibilities. One of the preeminent things about raised flooring system is that it comes in a variety of finishes. Thus, conferring you with an opportunity to bring good aesthetic appeal too. You won’t be sacrificing style and appearance in exchange for convenient flooring.


A: Using a raised floor in the office.

HUIYA Inc raised floor is the best flooring solution for offices and diligently solves the problem with laying technical cables such as electricity, security, CCTV, air conditioning, IT, telephone, and fire protection system. The saga doesn’t end here.

The essential advantage of offices raised flooring system is its functionality and possibility to reach the floor panel without having to open the masonry, evidently saving time and effort involved in organizing a room quickly. Above and beyond, you enjoy the greater freedom in planning the specification and layout of your building.

B: Using a raised floor in the data center.

A raised floor system for the data center – sometimes referred to as a computer access flooring system – has remained the industry standard for almost a decade and effectively meets today’s techy room configuration. Flexibility and scalability are not the only things to acknowledge here; a raised floor system in data centers welcomes all sorts of innovation in equipment. Its ergonomic design can support huge mainframes and disk drive memory machines.

Since raised floor systems are easy to configure, it becomes straightforward to induce various changes or modifications without extensive workforce requirements.

4. How is the raised floor systems made up?

Installation of a raised access floor is a multifaceted and intricate process. We would recommend you call a qualified expert to carry out the installation and subsequent adjustments precisely.

Raised floor systems usually work on a flat surface are mainly made up of three components:

  1. a) raised floor panel – A solid substrate is used to increase the structural flooring (mostly prepared from natural stones, ceramic, masonry surface, and porcelain tiles). The thickness of the panel could range from 25mm to 30mm.
  2. b) Raised floor Pedestal– A pedestal is a vital aspect of the raised floor structure that supports the formation, and it is affixed to the floor base. Its flexible design offers seamless adjustments and allows enough space to install a system in a building.
  3. c) Raised floor stringer– Stringers, often referred to as connecting rod, are essential to join pedestals firmly to form a grid framework. In a raised floor system, stringer aids in providing a lateral resistance to heavy rolling loads and avoids seismic vibrations.

5. Tools and Guidelines for raised floor installation

There is no denying that raised floor installation can do tremendous for your business premises. However, the installation requires flawless planning and precision at every stage. Here’s what you need to consider for raised floor installation:

No 1 – Decide where you want to install the raised floor system, i.e., at the home, office, or data centers. It is essential because the size of the installation varies as per your requirement. Most data centers require a bespoke solution and have an extensive need for a raised floor system. Thus, if you give a proper rundown on your space and the purpose, you’d be able to figure out the kind of expanded flooring system you need for your premises.

No 2 – Know the process. The method of a raised flooring system depends on the area, and it is essential to get sufficient knowledge of various parts and fundaments involved with the installation. Here’s the step you need to follow precisely:

  • Check the room before installation. Evaluate to foresee whether the raised flooring system is compatible with room dimensions and configurations. Based non your assessments, you can make certain improvements.
  • Level the floor. The raised floor system must be parallel to the initial floor. Otherwise, it will create unevenness and might jeopardize the installation of future equipment.
  • Find the starting point in the room. The starting point in the room will help to determine the dimensions of the panels. However, the recommended size to cut the board is 6 inches wide. For a proper starting point, make sure that the access floor is square.
  • Check the floor height. Take advantage of a laser or transit to level the direction and length of the bar. It is imperative to adjust all the pedestals to the bottom surface for a precise leveling.

6.What are the advantages of having the raised floor manufactured in China?

Having a raised floor manufactured in China has certain advantages in terms of quality and overall production cost. Also, outsourcing your requirement to a reputed manufacturer in China gives you complete control over the manufacturing and saves enormous costs involved in the production of the final product.

Huiya Inc, one of the leading brands in the raised floor segment, provides customized solutions for commercial, home, and industrial usage. Our raised floor system is fully applicable to modern offices, data centers, small sites, and commercial buildings and has maintained a good track record globally.


Associating with Huiya Inc offers four key advantages:


Budget-friendly price. Huiya Inc offers an excellent solution at a reasonable price, without compromising on the quality. Since our production is expertly managed and adheres to the latest approach, you’ll get the final product delivered at a competitive price. Outsourcing your requirements helps you save on the overall cost of the production, low labor fees, and minimal research fees.


We deliver big orders in rapid turnaround time. You don’t have to worry about quantity because we take care of that. Huiya ABC utilizes the state of the art machinery to streamline the production process and fully capable of handling the large order in a given timeframe.


Assurance of good quality and flawless design. Our quality testing department adheres to the international ISO standard and examines every final product for defects and flaws. We pay close attention to the detail and tentatively make sure every panel is designed to serve as a perfect installation solution.



Good packaging. Last but not least, Huiya Inc even assures a good packaging solution for safe delivery at your doorstep. Our selection of wooden pallets with carton makes sure that the final product is packaged and shipped securely. Alongside, we even offer Custom packaging solutions on demand.


Do you want to know more about Huiya raised floor system and how it can help your company? Contact our experts today.