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December 4, 2020

Why Our Factory Need London Raised Floor Distributors?

This is really important information: London has huge galvanized steel calcium sulphate raised floor projets. why london haven't a chinese raised floor prdcuct brand? huiya has own raised floor manufacturer in china. and no distributors in London.  We want Local Raised Floor distributors. it is a win-win cooperation.

Raised Floor London Introduction

Raised floor system for critical facilities in the modern offices, the emergency control centers, data center.  they all take advantage of pioneering raised floor solution to upgrade the facility with the most current electronic equipment.


Other than providing an aesthetically pleasing environment, it makes cable routing and expansion faster as well as cost-effective. The void in the raised flooring system can easily handle clusters of cables, and you can organize your office space efficiently. Other than routing cables, the void also acts as an air plenum for cool ventilation.


If you want to buy Small Quantity of Raised Floor,where to buy?-Find Raised Floor London Distributors.

Finding a raised floor installer and distributor – How should you begin?

A raised floor, once installed, can bring numerous possibilities to expand and meet futuristic up-gradation. However, planning is a critical phase of the raised floor installation, especially in a seismic environment. If you find a local raised floor distributor in London, all installation and services will be solved.

The key factors are raised floor height, seismic zone, floor leveling, equipment weight, and environmental conditions within the building. The installation's pre-planning requires an expert overview and cannot be done by a one single man. Thus, one must consider professionals to install a new raised floor system. If you find more about raised floor installation.check our raised floor installation news.

Why Raised Floor Is Popular In London?

Galvanized Steel Calcium Sulphate raised floor in office

Galvanized Steel Calcium Sulphate raised flooring has been popular in London and the preferred choice due to its energy-saving benefit and superior environmental protection.

The main ingredient used in the fabrication of  Calcium Sulphate raised flooring is natural gypsum powder, and some reinforcing fibers. This mixed material is then combined with adhesives, water, and other substances and undergoes high-pressure extrusion molding. Then it is placed at a constant temperature to give it strength.

The result is unbelievable. The fabrication process is also beneficial for sound absorption. It can lessen the noise when walking on top, improve comfort, and ensure stable walking. In other words, you’ll have a better and safe atmosphere. Other than this, Galvanized Steel Calcium Sulphate raised floor is known for excellent recycling and has eco-friendly properties.


Above and beyond, calcium sulfate raised floor delivers the best fire resistance and provides safety and fire protection. The fire resistance test can reach F60 grade, and the material characteristics are good for slight humidity in the air. This adjustment and features make it very much suitable for commercial spaces and has become an ideal choice for ordinary offices in London.