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Raised Floor Durability and Performance

Raised Floor Durability and Performance

October 25, 2020

What Is Raised Floor Fire Test?

One incredibly important aspect to consider when installing raised floor system is the safety of your building. Although raised floor systems rarely cause fire, the quality of raised flooring can influence such fires. Consequently, fire resistant floors are significant to your overall safety, which also acts as crucial means of escape.

huiya steel raised floor
huiya steel raised floor

A fire test is the standard procedure to determine the resistance capability of a floor i.e., the ‘reaction to fire’ when a small flame is directly applied onto its surface or one of its edges. Huiya, one of the leading brands in pioneering raised floor solutions, strictly adheres to the European ‘reaction to fire’ performance, radiant heat flux protocol and thermal radiation levels. Each system designed by Huiya’s engineers undergoes ISO standard parameters and categorized under EN 13501-1 Classes A2FL, BFL, CFL OR DFL.

How Huiya Choose Material?

Materials and equipments used in the Raised Floor construction for offices or data center must comply with most countries’ national and international regulations.  These regulations limits flammability, smoke density, and adequately controls the toxic fume production.

At Huiya, we pay attention to these standards at the initial stage of the production – while selecting & procuring the raw material. We choose the best products for the raised floor construction, and the right choice is based on the fire rating of the panels, pedestals, and other materials.

There are numerous types of raised floor system, with different scope and intended uses, which can increase a building’s productivity. As a general rule, the right choice is based on the fire rating of the compartment and on the floor (contributing to fire resistance to existing element or fire rated floor) and on aesthetical aspects.

What Is A Raised Floor Tile?

Raised floor tile is applied on an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate to smooth finish. Natural stone, masonry surface, ceramic finish, and porcelain tiles are some of the most common tiles used as your flooring finish.

Their significance becomes imperative for creating contrast or match the panel design. This way, you can create a beautiful ambiance inside your premises.

Huiya designers work closely with the client to furnish an elegant flow of colour across the floor. Along with these natural tiles, we extend the options by offering a human-made ceramic finish. Exclusive tiles amplify your design from the traditional and give you access to full-fledged services under one roof.

Five key aspects of tile for raised flooring are:

  • Don’t compromise on quality- see tiles as a long term investment.
  • Don’t neglect safety – Each raised floor has a different standard. Choose the texture that does not impact the traction underfoot.
  • Select the colour and design wisely – The floor tile should match the room style and décor.
  • Choose size based on room specifications – Smaller tiles create a look, while larger tiles can deliver a smooth flow throughout the room.

Easy to maintain – No one wants a tile that is difficult to maintain. It would be best if you chose a tile that is easy to maintain and works best for your commercial space.

Data Center Raised Floor Specifications

Data center or any other IT space requires a precisely calculated standard design. Huiya has compiled technical specifications on the raised floor systems. Since each floor system has a different loading capability, the specifications are chosen accordingly to meet individual requirements.

Huiya specializes in all flooring design elements and brings you the plan with the right technical specifications for projects. The constant investment in research and development guarantees that the structure performs at its best, even in the difficult case scenario.

Key considerations for raised floor data center specifications:

The raised floor system have been around since the inception of the internet computers, and many IT firms do not even consider a data center to be at its best without one.

The importance of the data center raised floor is rarely questioned, with good reason. If you have decided to install a raised floor in your data center building, you need to keep certain things in mind, especially with selection and layout.

  • Planning The Layout – Layout outlines the foundation for mechanical, electrical, and infrastructure. It fervently helps in planning the depth and the width of the aisles using a logical layout.
  • Choosing the best finishing. A raised floor is not only about making your space much more functional. In reality, an exquisite finishing touch is equally essential. You can choose HPL, carpet or hard-surfaced tiles for magnificent appearance in many contemporary colors.

The bottom line is, an appropriate planning and research is imperative before installing raised floor systems in your space.  Or else, you might end up having an incompetent system.

Raised Floor Height Requirement

Raised floor height on different arrangement influences the air distribution performance in a data center. Thus, you must give a well-thought consideration to the space, requirement, and purpose for prudent decision.

There are generally two types of raised floor:

  • Low profile raised floor
  • Standard/traditional raised floor

The low profile raised floor are light-weight and is a floor less than 6″ in height. It is exclusively for organizing cables, wires, and conduit. Due to the low clearance, under-floor airflow is not a concern or option.

The standard/traditional raised floor is anything higher than 6″ in height and are often recommended in industrial, corporate or institutional settings. Compared to the low profile raised floor systems, standard raised floors are heavy-duty, rugged, and designed to provide plenty of space for wires, cables, and piping. However, it doesn’t offer flexibility and ease of use.

Raised floor constructions

The raised floor is the standard equipment for the modern offices and comes in many extensive ranges. Of course, the system must be supportive for environments to meet complex electrical and telecommunications infrastructure needs. Since it offers mobility, the material used in raised floor construction must also facilitate this entire structure’s maintenance activities.

  • Step one – Clean the ground before laying the raised floor such as dust, dirt or bump.
  • Step two – Measure the site for a thorough estimation.
  • Step three – Determine the construction benchmark and lay the foundation accordingly.

In case if you encounter a wall or pillar. Go for an edge treatment.

The construction of a raised floor requires a thorough understanding of a building space, followed by a pre-construction meeting. Huiya experts work together to conclude drawing showing configuration and size of raised floor area, identifying materials, storage & installation conditions, and agreement on means of elevator, stairs, street level, loading dock, etc.

Raised Floor Price

There is no fixed price for the raised floor. The quotation is decided as per the requirement, work, and material involved with every project.

Compared to the US, UK and European Market, Huiya has kept the pricing of raised floor structure extremely feasible for anyone to afford. Our competitive pricing allows us to be reasonable and provides a gateway to all entrepreneurs looking for an innovative elevated floor at an affordable price.

Why Trust Huiya? Huiya bets on industry expertise, innovation, engineering, and design. The client focused is recognized worldwide and has successfully established an international network of industry partners and clients.

Moreover, Huiya is directly associated with China’s top-grade access floor manufacturer and verified supplier. The amalgamation of ‘customer centric approach’ and ‘commitment to excellence’ allows us to deliver extraordinary work without compromising on the quality.

Today, Huiya is broadly recognized as a trusted brand in the industry of the raised floor. So, if you want to get an accurate price on the bespoke raised floor for your computer rooms, office buildings, command centers, data centers, and have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us. You can openly discuss with our experts to get an instant detailed quote.