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What is the raised floor price in China?

What is the raised floor price in China?

February 15, 2021

Where To Buy Cheap Raised Floor And Save Costs?

Raised floor system for your office is a smart business move. Not only it enables businesses to stay on top of productivity, but an elevated space can also change how employees and clients perceive your business. A raised floor system upgrades your space to something that reflects the innermost goals for business prosperity. You bring new management to your work. However, knowing a few of the costs and considerations can make your decision to renovate your office more comfortable.

The overall investment in raised floor installations can cost a fortune. It's very surprising to see that many entrepreneurs, especially startup, still don’t have clear idea on how to get a state of the art raised floor at a reasonable price. In this blog, you’ll learn about the shortcomings, key points and costs of some affordable raised flooring materials.


America, Europe and China raised floor systems – which one offers reliability & affordability?

In terms of the global manufacturing scorecard, Europe, America and China are the top-ranked nations in the raised floor manufacturing environment. However, Made in China raised floor system certainly has the following advantages: strengthening economy, workforce quality, manufacturing capabilities, international regulatory environment, and cost-saving considerations.There’s a reason why many entrepreneurs choose China over America and Europe.

For all-around consistent growth market, for reliability, for manufacturing stability, for safety and internal growth, China is the majority no.1 choice.Since domestic prices are rising and becoming more expensive, the need for an affordable raised floor system will likely grow, and china happens to be the trusted consigliere for them.


What Is The Quality Of Raised Floor In China? – HUIYA

Chinese raised floor manufacturers adhere to international standard regulations and offer the most comprehensive collection of raised floor systems.
Higher production capability – China-based facility produces a raised floor system for the global economy. Through pioneer manufacturing regime, they gave scaled production capabilities beyond the borders and in massive supply.

Strict QC system – HUIYA ISO-9001 certificated factory complies to strict QC (quality checking) management. By implementing practical inspection and control over manufacturing processes, HUIYA guarantees top quality raised floor systems (ready to ship in any part of the world). The production costs are considerably budget-friendly. The QC management further checks on the production of the inferior product and thereby improving up the reliability.

raised floor size
raised floor size

What is the price of raised floor in China?

HUIYA raised floor system sold to 10+ countries. The overall investment in a raised floor system is generally two times lower than in America and Europe. The lower manufacturing cost in China is undoubtedly a “plus” point. With all the instability and uncertainty surrounding the world, the made in china raised floor system can fulfill emerging businesses' demand at a minimal cost.

You get the best system without compromising on the quality.
In 2019, the raised floor market witnessed substantial progress in terms of IT infrastructure spending and the development of multiple large modern offices or data center facilities. The problem with the European and American raised floor market is that they are costly and out-of-budget for many entrepreneurs. On the other hand, Chinese is a much better alternative to cost-saving & better-quality raised floor system.

What are the challenges of buying raised floor system in China?

The problem with raised floor manufacturing in China is not the production but the shipping hassle. It would be best if you chose a container that adequately suits your shipping needs.
HUIYA significantly improved the shipping procedure by putting raised floor systems into a container. By doing so, the container can be loaded and lifted from the chassis. The next step was to standardize the shipping container sizes for easy handling and moving around the world.
The minimum standardization for shipping container dimensions is 500SQM per container, which ensures a seamless global movement.
Other than the shipping container dimensions, one must be clear about the type of raised floor system. Each system is unique and differs in specification, loading capacity, and furnishings. The choice ultimately reflects the choice of container size.
How should you proceed? Share your requirements first. HUIYA reserves the right to keep all completed orders saved in the portfolio to use sample pieces unless explicitly requested otherwise.

huiya raised access floor
huiya raised access floor

Today, HUIYA is more than just a manufacturing hub and offers décor that is more than just furnishings. Construction and installation of the raised floor is an art that reveals a lot about individual offices' choices and preferences. You can choose from a huge variety of raised floor systems & furnishings such as stainless steel raised floor, HPL raised floor, Vinyl raised floor, low profile raised floor, etc. Besides being a Chinese raised floor manufacturer, HUIYA offers a fresh perspective on the newest ideas and trends for beautiful architecture and interior design.