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Raised Flooring Question and Answer

Raised Flooring Question and Answer

November 16, 2020

What is Raised Flooring?

A raised access floor is an elevated structure above a solid layer (often concrete) and specifically designed to create a void for routing cables, wires, electrical & mechanical layouts circuits. It is a pivotal investment for any modern building that fulfills the future demand to accommodate a different working pattern or business need.

A well-structured office serves as the backbone of a company. If your office doesn’t support your future demand, it will likely affect your productivity and prosperity. Thus, just like the way you think about the types of equipment your company needs, one must also think about the foundation to manage them all.

Business demand is unpredictable, and every organization needs an office suitable enough to support electrical and mechanical layout. Installing a raised flooring solution on your premises gives you the power to face continually changing demand, space needs, and even supports the technology-driven operation.

If the building is planned competently, with expert thought and creativity, it can easily adapt and integrate the latest technology to promote consistent changes.

Why Do Data Centers Have Raised Floors?

The data center is usually a territory of high-end equipment, servers, telephone system, and various machines. The overheating issue caused by equipment has always been a rising concern and exceeded the temperature to almost 40°C. Thus, the initial concept behind the raised floor is to streamline all the machines and wiring without jeopardizing the inside atmosphere and work arena.

The elevated floor serves as an accessible plenum for the distribution of heating and cooling services. The floor can be elevated by 65 mm to more than 1,8 meters.

Other than providing space for ventilation, the integrated access floor system also assures the flexibility of telecommunications, data, and electrical power delivery in the office. A raised floor is a great deal for building managers as they can now accommodate space and workstation changes immediately at minimal cost.

What Kinds of Raised Floor Pedestals is best?

The pedestal type is entirely reliant on the panel & raised floor system application and comes in an array of dimensions & custom size. Among all options, anti-static pedestals are highly popular for all types of raised access floor systems.

The pedestal has always been the pivotal solution for the installation, which eventually makes your investment valuable. This is because the anti-static floor prevents slipping and tripping accidents. But to make it work perfectly, each pedestal needs to be adjusted to a proper height and size.

Different applications will have additional requirements for floor pedestals. At HUIYA INC, we adhere to the state-of-the-art technique (for instance, OA access floor pedestals and Computer Room Anti-static floor pedestals) to meet clients’ unique needs with their innovative raised floor for office or data center.

Some key benefits of anti-static raised floor pedestals are:

  • Prevention of slip and fall accidents
  • High strength and durability
  • Safe working environment for staff and machines
  • Safeguards the interest and reputation of the facility

Why Is A Raised Floor Important?

The raised access flooring is highly suitable for modern businesses, i.e., technology is needed to handle day-to-day operations. However, any industry can count on them. When betting on the raised floor, it is imperative to see the plan and strategy, followed by color and design. They all require precision to ensure great performance and durability.

Today, no tech-global business can think of operating without a raised floor solution. Intelligently designed flooring offers both the employer and the building owner great flexibility on how the workspace can be configured and used. Its significance becomes imperative for:

  • Creating a versatile and flexible environment.
  • Highly durable, cost effective solution to meet current and future business requirements
  • Reorganize power, telecoms, data, and other services
  • Facilitate easy and rapid re-configuration
  • Provide passive ventilation or conditioned air options
  • Offers a wide choice of aesthetic floor finishes

How To Buy Replacement Raised Floor?

This one problem is straightforward to fix. A comprehensive choice of finishes is available from HUIYA INC, where each replacement raised floor is designed to complement interior design outlines and corporate guidelines.

HUIYA INC Raised Access Floor systems are constructed from first-class materials and are fully tested to meet stringent specification standards such as BSEN 12825 and PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU, with ISO certification where appropriate.

How do I proceed? You will need expert help to handle raised floor tile lifters and replacement panels. The replacement panels can be purchased from many suppliers. Still, for the finest selection, we’d recommend you to consider a company that can match your existing tiles or even refurbish them to get an exact match for your raised floor system.

At Huiya Inc, we work with a team of professionals who handle the replacement task conscientiously and ensure impeccable work without causing damage to sensitive equipment.

Why Do Office Have Raised Floors?

Not only for data centers, but the raised floor these days is also highly popular for all types of offices and has become a pre-standard in the UK, US, and China. It is an investment that often goes overlooked during office construction and offers more functionality than an average floor. Some of the reasons that clearly states that offices need raised floors are:

  • Give your space a cleaner, organized, and more professional look
  • To improve safety within the office
  • A well-designed solution to extensive cable and wiring
  • Investment towards growth and professionalism
raised floor office
raised floor office

Raised Floor for residential

Raised access flooring is a worthwhile solution for residential properties too. Today, many homes are equipped with the latest technology, which inevitably means more cables. The versatility and flexibility of bespoke raised floor system can benefit all types of space.

At Huiya Inc, other than functionality, we even pay special attention to flooring finishes and interior design. Our bespoke solution covers real wood, stone, marble, and ceramic panel finishes.

Benefits of raised floors for residential

  • Extended living space – Raised floor frees you from the management of cables and gives your home a neat & organized look.
  • Lifetime foundation – The raised floor is an investment that serves a lifetime purpose.
  • Ensure on-the-go home improvement – Raised flooring is a serious home decor regime. Think of this as a preeminent solution to get rid of extensive wiring, ventilation, and electrical problems.
  • Minimize floor risk – The newer designs of raised access floor systems are anti-skid, anti-static, and aren’t prone to overheating.

The different name of raised floor

The purpose of the raised floor remains the same in every country for every office and space. However, the raised floor is known by many different names. So if you are planning to associate with a certified manufacturer, you need to look specifically with relatable term online and offline.

Raised Floor is an international term used all around the globe. It is pretty much standard in almost all countries and many companies in Italy, Germany, Spain, and China are already acquainted with this term.

Access Floor in America is another name for a raised floor and used specifically in the USA. It is pretty much a standard term in every American office and highly preferred by designers and builders.

Raised access computer floor. The raised floor was initially intended for data centers and computer operators. It is because of their very nature, raised floors were popularized as raised access computer floors. Nowadays, raised floor is very much widespread to all types of industries.

Can Raised Floor Used in Hotels?

Yes, the raised floor is very much applicable to the hotel and leisure industry and has been a trendsetter in service. Every hotel aims to stand out from the crowd and the forefront of technology without disturbing guests and customers.

Raised floor system in the hotel industry supports rapid growth and easy reconfiguration of these spaces. Many entrepreneurs see custom raised floor as a gateway to the leisure revolution.

Commercial buildings are always in dire need of electric and data-hungry exercise machines. This heavy equipment needs a proper management solution to fit for sizeable public spaces. This is precisely where raised flooring has become extremely useful for all-size hotel companies. In addition, the raised floor system comes with wide-ranging aesthetic bonded finishes – remaining practical and beautiful both.


What Is Raised Floor Cooling Systems?

The dissipation of heat from computer machines, servers, and equipment in a data canter is continuously increasing. For this reason, a raised floor cooling system is essential to keep the computer system operating at a regular temperature rate prior to any malfunction and outage. This evidently helps businesses to run effectively for an extended period of time. Still, a proper design is a must to avoid disruption caused by overheating.

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Huiya Inc is working with a team of experienced specialists, engineers, and designers who are well-trained and proficient enough to handle client requirements. Our methods adhere to international quality and ISO performance standards and are recognized as the best for overseas offices. Above and beyond, we bring a unique design to achieve various classifications and fervently meet the extraordinary customer demand. To get practical advice on selecting and applying an innovative raised floor system, contact us today.