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Top Hospital Raised Floor Options

Top Hospital Raised Floor Options

April 25, 2021

Top Hospital Raised Floor Options - Creating A Safe Setting On A Budget

Functionality, aesthetics, and wellness – They all contribute to a pioneer hospital raised flooring. Installing raised floors in a hospital, clinic or healthcare often demands persistent planning. Other than supporting mechanical, electrical, and wiring needs, the raised floor is also about creating a safe setting on a budget.

One should never choose hospital raised flooring imprecisely. The ideal choice goes through the selection of material, specification, and texture, which evidently reflects in safety, efficiency, doctor and patient satisfaction.


Key aspects of hospital raised flooring:

· Slip Resistance – It is very important to make your hospital substantially safer for staff & patients. For that reason, the raised floor in a hospital must be engineered in a way to minimize the risk of slipping, tripping, and falling. Slip-resistant technology is manufactured from materials that provide firmed gripping surfaces and prevent unexpected injuries.

· Cleanliness and Hygiene – Hospital raised floor should also be easy to clean, easy to maintain, and must support highest hygiene. Thus, one should specifically look for tiles that combine cleanability and anti-microbial performance for a healthier environment. By doing so, you can easily keep the hospital safe and healthy.

· Noise Absorption – Noise can have an aggregate effect on the patient and correlated with increased stress level. For this reason, noise absorption raised flooring has become pretty much a standard these days. In soundproofing, three-parameter matters – STC (Sound Transmission Class), thickness & Density. That’s why the hospital raised flooring are thicker and denser than the others.

· Aesthetics – With the passage of time, there’s a dramatic change in the way we design the floor. The choice of textures, colours and design makes a significant difference to the health and comfort of patient & staff. It can either make or break the vibe in a hospital. Hence, a subtle aesthetic is equally important for instilling peace and evoking calm with a functional raised floor.

· ROI (Return on Investment). An intelligently designed raised floor yields a strong return on investment and even improves the property resale value. Other than the face amount of the property, the raised floor has a significant effect on business performance standards and productivity and keeps you on the radar of modern offices.

Get hospital raised floor on a budget

HUIYA, being a leading brand for innovative raised floor solutions, assists customers in making the right decision. We pay close attention to every phase of raised floor construction and ensure impeccable outcomes from initial planning to installation.

HUIYA is budget-friendly – Let’s face it, raised floors in the USA, the UK and European countries can get expensive. But there’s a subtle alternative, and you don’t even have to compromise on the quality. HUIYA, with years of experience and expertise, brings you the top-notch raised flooring solution entirely customized to your building needs.

Deliberately plan to fit into your space. Our engineers and designers work together with the client and maintain full transparency with the raised floor construction plan. We deliberately discuss the initial planning and help you avoid (or at least be aware of) any hidden charges.

  Trusted for quality, not just price. HUIYA, being a leading brand in the raised floor industry, provides a bespoke solution to a broad range of industries, including hospitality, IT, data center, call center, retail, and pharmacy. Since incorporation, HUIYA has kept the zing to be called as a trusted name for a robust, high-end raised floor construction. They are likely to last much longer – and saves you money in the long run.

  More than one solution. Not just stainless steel, HUIYA raised floor solution comes in numerous formats – specifically designed to meet your unique building needs. Our collections include- low profile raised floor, Galvanized raised floor, concrete raised floor, Vinyl raised floor, hardwood raised floor, etc.

Unbeatable performance. HUIYA engineers pay close attention to durability, rolling load performance, fire safety, anti-skid, and anti-static and even adhere to Class A flame spread and smoke development ratings.

Experienced and trained installers. Assuredly, your project is being managed by a team of skilled, professional installers who have undergone extensive training and meet the criteria (suitability, durability and design) to become a trained installer training. The final touch-up and finishing are created onsite by our experienced flooring installers and in rare cases, customized to suit.

Over the years, HUIYA has developed a strong reputation for value-driven services and professionalism. Today, we are trusted globally. To maintain consistency with raised floor projects, we constantly research new products, finishes, and equipment that will enable us to maintain industry best practices.

HUIYA raised floor solution is open to new build, office renovation, or commercial project. If you wish to learn more about our working standards, do contact us today. You can even call us for free of cost quotations.