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what is the different raised floor design in each countries?

what is the different raised floor design in each countries?

January 27, 2021

Office design is one of the most influential factors to communicate your corporate culture. Raised flooring is the most key factor of office designing part in your workspace.

The raised access floor is the foundation of any office space.


Why raised floor important?

The advantage of a raised floor is that it provides a strong foundation, supports advanced technology. The space underneath the raised floor provides a direct channel for HVAC to cool the facility's areas. Raised floor system used in cable management,enhancing grounding capabilities and maintaining precision throughout all of its future upgrades.

Will the raised floor make my office appear dull?

Not at all, the raised floor system is all about adapting the design to ensure a functional, attractive and more sustainable office regime.

At HUIYA, our award-winning construction company makes a robust corporate statement for the UK, US and European organizations. Our engineers and designers take inspiration from the building’s and carefully consider the work culture & branding to make the raised floor work together more efficiently.

bare steel raised floor structure
bare steel raised floor structure

Many Different Raised Floor Design To Choose From:

Natural Hard Surface Flooring

–Natural hard flooring gives your office the instant wow factor. You can consider stone, wood or ceramic for a stunning first impression.

Vinyl Composite Tile

–VCT is brilliant and one of the most economical flooring options with its low investment price.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

– Luxury Vinyl Tile is a perfect alternative to natural hard surface flooring. It mimics the look of natural stone or wood and is available in a wide range of design options.

Carpet Tiles

– Carpet tiles raised flooring is a new design. The layered modular carpet structure absorbs more impact of the foot and provides a noticeable improvement with productivity.

ESD vinyl sheet tile option
ESD vinyl sheet tile option

Why trust HUIYA for best-in-class work?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that an office with raised floor design has untold value and serves as a backbone to its success.HUIYA represents a one-stop solution for all your raised floor requirements. Even employees appreciate the cutting-edge atmosphere. It ensures safety and shows the organisation’s attempt to add personality to their working environment.

HUIYA services reflect craftsmanship and make the office futuristic. Our well-planned approach thoughtfully warrants that design meets the prescribed standard and allows maximum flexibility to support technology, industrial services and space requirements.

Your benefits at HUIYA are:

  • Excellent load-bearing capacity
  • First-class underfoot comfort
  • Non-combustible
  • Individual panels simple to remove, easy to maintain and interchangeable
  • Huge selection of floor coverings

HUIYA is one of the world’s leading and largest manufacturers of raised access floor systems. Our raised floor system is an amalgamation of best dimensional accuracy and the latest technology, ensuring a good performance record and load-bearing capacity. All units are produced inside the state-of-the-art facility in China.

huiya raised access floor
huiya raised access floor

Proudly Made In China System – Innovation At Its Best

HUIYA raised floor systems are manufactured in house as complete ready-to-install systems. Each component is adjusted and customized to fit the requirement of individual space. Our bespoke technology guarantees flawless result.

At HUIYA, we believe that space is never just a space –from the moment you lay a foundation for business success, it becomes a command center.

HUIYA raised floor system undergoes a sophisticated quality management system and adheres to ISO 9001. Our facilities are equipped with ultra-modern test equipment. Our engineers take extra measures to ensure that the system has the accepted standards for noise, fire safety and mechanical resistance. The rigorous test quality meets the international standards and certification for almost all countries.

Are you looking for a custom raised floor solution? HUIYA has developed a unique manufacturing process to meet more demanding structural specifications. WE DARE TO GO BEYOND.For more details, contact us today.