Why Choose HUIYA Floor

HUIYA FLOOR has its own facility to make HPL to offer more colors and types. More than that, there are almost unlimited factory laminated finish options.


1. The rigorous QC procedure: The facilities are ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 quality and environmental management certified. The independently certified test reports following domestic and international norms are available upon request. HUIYA FLOOR also has its own laboratory to carry out various tests following domestic and international norms. Please contact HUIYA FLOOR sales for QC documents and test reports.

2. Greenest products: The calcium sulphate panel made by HUIYA FLOOR are of 100% recycled calcium sulphate powder and paper pulp. The recycled content of calcium suphate panel finished goods are of 90% minimum. HUIYA FLOOR steel cement panel finished goods recycled content reaches 45% minimum. Please contact HUIYA FLOOR sales for more details.

3. Multiple panel locating and install method: Design and offer multiple easy panel locating and install solution to save install cost
and time.

4. The protection from zinc whisker: Provide more solutions to protect the system from zinc whiskers. Please contact HUIYA FLOOR sales for more details.

5. Underfloor air system: Design and supply the integrated underfloor air system products. Combine the understructure, bridging beam structure and air plunum to achieve flexible underfloor air access and highest air tight performance.

6. Underfloor cable & wire system: Provide the most types of underfloor cable & wire system products and solutions.

7. Large scale manufacturing: As one of the largest access floor designers, manufacturers and suppliers in China, the production capacity is of 8,000sqm per day, which can comply with the rigid delivery requirement for the large size building.