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why our factory need London Raised Foor

why our factory need London Raised Foor

December 18, 2020

Why Our Factory Need London Raised Floor Distributors?

London has been a pioneer hub for the raised access floor market, and we are planning to amplify our production & presence in 2020-2025. Huiya has established a strong benchmark in the industry and ready to cater to various businesses’ unique demands.

Our raised floor distributors have years of experience and knowledge backed up by a good track record that ultimately guarantees the impeccable quality of service. Our USP’s are:

  • Insured and licensed company
  • Specialized in broad range of raised flooring solution
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Competent and professional raised flooring contractors
  • Full transparency with no hidden cost

How we cater to our clients?

When you hire us for your raised flooring project, we stand behind our brand and ethics— affordable raised floor system floors designed to fit individual needs. We buy our flooring materials from a trusted source in bulk, saving us upfront cost and allowing us to offer a system that works best for your premises.

To ensure that your raised floor project details are handled effectively, we employ a dedicated project manager. In terms of communication, we build a direct connection between you and our team to ensure full reporting and minimal disruption within your business. Each of our raised floor systems is designed to deliver unbeatable performance and stand the test of time.

ABC has made significant investments in innovative equipment. Our designers and engineers deliver a level of precision that you won’t find in any other manufacturer. In the current scenario, ABC are considered the best in the market, expediting innovation in work. You will love our expert-oriented work and gratifying end result finish. So if you have any project in mind, do contact our distributors. They are always here to guide you in making the right flooring choices for your situation.

Our focus:

Raised Floor Warehouse And Raised Floor Replacement. ABC offers full-fledged services under one roof for any office, warehouse, residential and commercial building. Since we stock a broad range of parts, panels and other equipment’s, it becomes easier and cost-effective to repair any damaged or weak raised floor system in a data center or anywhere else.

Easy Serve Local Customers – Being a London’s distributor, ABC is able to serve our customers efficiently and in a more personal way. One of the significant advantages associated with choosing ABC as your local service provider is that you can get on-site help. For all your questions and queries, we’ll be there to help you. We will send someone right to your office to help you. If you prefer in-person interaction, this can be beneficial.

Better HUIYA Brand Effect In London – Not to forget, ABC has maintained the same level of consistency and quality worldwide, and even in London. Being a local raised floor service provider, we can offer personalized solutions without compromising the quality and international standards. Our bespoke raised floor system is uniquely in tune with London’s business environment and gives you better solutions to your IT needs.

Easy Access London Raised Floor Projects – Hiring a company for your raised floor project may seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be – especially when you hire us as your local contractor. By hiring ABC, you’ll be able to focus all your efforts on other important tasks at hand while we handle the complexities associated with your raised floor system for your building projects.

What can HUIYA provide?

The most significant benefit of hiring ABC (one of the leading brands for raised floor installers and distributors in London) is guaranteed work and a 100% satisfying result. Nothing feels worse than attempting a DIY floor raised installation and ending up with damaged planks or an incomplete project. At ABC, all construction work is professionally managed under your budget.

You enjoy peace of mind. Installing new raised flooring is a task that requires the utmost concentration and skilled decision making. Hiring a capable organization for raised floor system will ensure work-with-perfection and you can conduct your daily business without worrying about your floors.

Raised floor quality requirement. Our organization’s unique aspect lies in the impeccable work standard, where we utilize high-end equipment and follow global industry protocols. Our flooring professional will decide on the budget, the type of raised floor you needed, and will drastically reduce the installation cost, giving you excellent results in rapid turnaround time.

All local test certificate fees support. A professionally done raised flooring is a huge investment. A functional and aesthetically finished raised floor solution increases the value of your property. This is vital if you plan to sell your property in the future. ABC provides prudent support to meet the certification requirement and testifies each raised floor system before handing over to you.

Moreover, a precisely installed raised floor will not require constant repairs of loose ends and replacements. Your floors will look brand new even after years, and you can extend the permanence of the flooring with lesser maintenance costs.

Solar London Distributor Support (only one). Associating a professional company is all you need to ensure that proper planning is done before the raised flooring installation begins. ABC’s experts will ensure that all the debris is removed and safety precautions are undertaken to mitigate any damage. We will also ensure that Solar London Distributor Support is provided to avoid imperfections in the finished system.


HUIYA needs no introduction in the world of raised floor and happens to be China’s trusted raised floor system for all types of offices. With HUIYA, ABC is driven by technology and effectively meets specifications, performances standard (load capacity), and methodology.

HUIYA Raised Floor Systems comes in several materials (such as steel, concrete-filled, aluminum, and woodcore) and meets the varied industries demand, including the data center, server room, computer room, modern office, library, laboratory, and more).

What’s in it for you? You will get a raised floor system as per your choice. HUIYA alone has years of experience and practice in the raised floor industry and brings you a bespoke solution. Each of our project resembles the business’s unique needs and successfully meets the expected performance in a challenging environment. As a customer, you get

  • Reasonable price with same London raised floor quality. Huiya is committed to producing a raised floor in line with international standards and specifications such as PSA (MOB PF2 PS/SPU), CISCA Standards.
  • Install the China Huiya Brand in Your Building. HUIYA is known for quality, durability, permanence and longevity.
  • Easy access to get your project going. HUIYA is a professional choice that you can work with and rely on. You can be sure that your floor is as unique as your company. We pay a lot of attention to details and finish to suit your business aura and lifestyle.

Almost every modern, progressive company seeks value-focused services. If you are also looking for a high-quality raised floor contractor in London, do contact us today.