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Why ISO Standard Is Vital For Raised Floor System?

Why ISO Standard Is Vital For Raised Floor System?

January 23, 2021

Only some trusted organizations in the world adhere to ISO standard raised floor, and HUIYA is one of them.

What is ISO Standard? Customer want to buy a raised floor product with ISO standard. Experts internationally agree with ISO standard for quality management standards. HUIYA, being a leading manufacturer of the top-notch raised floor system, complies to the stringent manufacturing process and procedure that meets all the requirements for standardization. Each of our raised floor systems ensures quality, safety, and efficiency.


Benefits of raised floor system with ISO standard quality

Raised flooring is suitable for data center, call center, IT space.why raised floor need ISO standard? Huiya is focus on raised floor quality control. The ISO Standard compliance raised floor used for handling electrical and mechanical services, including wiring, all around the globe.The ISO standard raised floor designs for a way to provide the utmost performance.


HUIYA, as the world’s largest raised flooring manufacturer, supplier and installer, has dedicated its lifespan in the construction & delivery of a wide range of raised flooring solutions for some of the most prestigious brands around the globe.

With extensive knowledge and industrial experience, we continue to pioneer the raised floor industry by developing innovative systems for commercial buildings, call centers, data centers, and large retail premises.

Today, we offer full support, custom specification and consulting services to assist in the manufacture of bespoke raised floor solutions. From the creation to the final delivery of high-end floor finishes, our specialist teams do the best job in ensuring that the solution fits the required specifications.

Commercial Office Solutions – HUIYA understand the requirement of modern offices and brings you a system that works best in your offices, call centers and large retail premises. Huiya is a trust brand for pioneering raised access flooring solution. HUIYA is cost-effective and widely chosen for flexible space. It is safe, convenient, high grade and provides a flexible distribution of services. If you want to Know more about office raised floor, please click: Office raised floor

bare raised floor

Data center solution - Today's data centers are far more prominent and consume more energy & space than could have been imagined. The constant power is needed to run the servers & technology inside the office building. We are talking about a million megawatt-hours of electricity a year, which causes heat and threats for employees. A raised floor in a data center embraces a culture of safety and is the only practical way to meet the requirements of IT equipment’s, wiring and HVAC. If you want to know more about data center solutions, please click: Data Center Raised Floor

anti-static raised floor
anti-static raised floor