Why Raised Floor Data Center ?

Raised floor data center
Need to use raised floors in the data room?
It is necessary to use raised floors in the data room. A large number of data arrangements are involved in the data room. you can imagine that a cloud server host needs a large number of data hard drives. In fact, the number of network cables is also very large. In this case, the data room needs a product that can hide a large number of pipelines and data lines. Raised floor can provide a natural hidden space for the machine room. Therefore, the data room must be matched with raised floor products.

Raised wood floor and Raised concrete floor
Raised floor mainly has 2 types of floor products. The first is a raised floor product made of concrete material. and the other is a raised floor product made of wood material. The raised floor of these two materials is the favorite material of the data room. The weight of a single concrete raised floor is relatively large. The weight of a single wood raised floor is only 1/3 of the concrete raised floor. Especially in these areas in Europe, customers like to use lighter raised floor products. Wood raised floor is the first choice. Concrete raised floor is a commonly used material.

Data center raised floor tiles
Which surface layers can be attached to the raised floor of the data room? The commonly used tiles for the raised floor of the data room are: High Pressure Laminate, Homogenious Vinyl Floor Tile and Stone Tile. These three tiles can be divided into two types: ESD conductive and Anti-Static. In the data room, it is necessary to use ESD conductive tiles.

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