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Why Raised Floor used in Office,Data Center and Out door?

Why Raised Floor used in Office,Data Center and Out door?

October 22, 2020

Raised Floor Investment and Applications

When it comes to smartening up your office space, a raised floor system can be lucrative additions to your portfolio. Properties equipped with ergonomic flooring solutions do appreciate in value over time. However, there is no ‘one size fit all’ solution. The most prominent way to invest in the office raised floor is entirely through custom-made, where Huiya experts can give you a quick guide to the innovative ways of investing in the raised floor for offices. An expert consultation eventually guides you to make a viable decision for your premises.

A raised floor really benefits all types of offices. But how? In this fast-spinning globe, every organization prefers to be modern and up-to-date with the latest technologies. Thus, you need a solution that could evolve the space to make it applicable for bulky utility systems, office equipment, and staff. Raised flooring, other than resolving uneven floor height, results in overall efficiency in operations and helps to organize cooling, mechanical, electrical, electronics, and other utility systems properly in the work area. Even the routine maintenance check becomes a hassle-free quest. All of these translates to better output and revenue.

Today, Raised Floor is ranked as the best solution to invest in major office restoration. An accessible new office space maximizes the value in many ways and brings benefits of upgradations. Huiya Raised Floor system is the easiest and least capital-intensive way to upgrade your office buildings. With that in mind, here are few things that will help you decide.

huiya steel raised floor
huiya steel raised floor

Raised Floor for Office – Why?

A well-defined workplace is the next best thing. Raised Floor stir creativity no matter how tight your office is on space. Almost any office can be turned into a useful space with thoughtful planning. Raised flooring solutions come in an array of formats and are designed to work in awkward areas.

It is because of diverse advantages; raised floor system is becoming more useful in corporate environment. They combine flexibility, simplicity, maintenance, and design options – overall present a practical alternative to the traditional floor. Huiya accesses the clientele need while outlining the plan and bearing in mind that aesthetic preference & practical needs to be met by floor. Advantages of raised floor for offices are:

Enhanced practicality.

One of the prime benefits of the raised floor is its possibility for the wiring and system arrangement. The height is calculated precisely according to the structure. Other than easing your work for wire, it also results in a stress-free corporate environment.

Improved Mobility and Functionality.

The raised floor system is highly versatile and can be relocated or reconfigured with no trouble. The fact, raised floor is the assimilation of modular parts fitted on the top of pedestals. Since raised floors are ergonomically designed, they efficiently serve the purpose and renovate the setting without spending on new finishes.

Raised Floor for Data Center – Why?

A raised floor system in a data center is typically built two inches to four feet above a concrete floor. It is solely designed to create a space for cooling and electrical and mechanical purposes.

In data centers, raised floors serves as a solution for distributing cold air. A facility equipped with a steel raised floor improves air and temperature distribution across all of the cabinets. Many have agreed that the presence of a raised floor can potentially minimize the cooling load by 40 percent. If you combine the system with AI, you can clench more significant savings too.

Keeps The Data Server Cool.

Heat coming out from servers scorches the cooling capacity in infrastructure and is a major problem in every data center. This problem further results in poor airflow management. Having a raised floor infrastructure accentuate airflow management and maintains a comfortable temperature for staff & employees.

Cabling, Wiring, and Additional Equipment’s.

Running a data center is not an easy expedition. Tools (like wiring systems, light fixtures, ladder to access cabling, servers or system) must be implemented uncluttered and neat.

A raised floor system in a data center also creates room for equipment upgrade, installing cables, and you can reconfigure your premises for multiple purposes. The engineers at Huiya give a well-thought consideration to the design and brings out a strategy that works well for your premises.

Flexible Design Strategy

Raised Flooring keeps you prepared for present and future needs. You won’t worry about whether your property will support next-generation technology or not. A building equipped with a raised floor is nothing less than an innovative regime because you smarten up your space to meet current and upcoming equipment. In the present day, raised floor architecture is one of the preeminent design standards found in data centers. It ensures that your facilities will remain efficient and effective for many years to come.

Raised Floor For Outdoor. Why?

If you think a raised floor is meant for indoor space, you’re wrong? The raised floor is convenient and can be tailored to meet outdoor requirements too. Thanks to its smart design, fast installation process and diverse range of coverings, raised can also be applied for building renovations and can even be installed on top of existing floor coverings.

An outdoor raised access floor is suited for various settings such as:

  • Events and exhibitions, stage
  • terraces and flat rooftops
  • Poolside and gardens
  • Outdoor offices
  • Relaxation areas and decks

Key features of outdoor raised floor system:

  • Corrosion resistance, ensure longevity and beauty
  • Strong bearing capacity
  • Highly compatible with other supporting facilities such as irrigations, lighting, and security systems
  • Available in numerous designs and concepts

What Kind of Raised Floor Tiles Are used?

  1. Carpet for Office raised flooring. The carpet tile range is the latest addition to our raised floor collection, featuring an assortment of colors and a design to make your workplace eye-catching and inspiring to work.

Huiya Inc works with qualified designers for the installation of carpet amid raised floor installation. Instead of being tied to one variant, Huiya Inc gives their client complete independence to choose the right product in the right color. An export-oriented service give customers access to an extensive range of finishes such as:

  • Carpet tiles installation for steel panels raised floor.
  • Factory bonded finishes for data center raised flooring
  • Distinctive finishes such as marble or stone

Why Choose Carpet for Office raised floor?

A practical carpet for the office keeps you one step closer to the luxurious floor. Above and beyond, carpet improves the indoor environment as it holds airborne dust particles (keeps them trapped in the fibers until vacuum cleaning).

You’ll be surprised to know that carpet office raised floor offers good insulation – allowing you to save energy during winters. It is versatile flooring, providing you with the best feeling of comfort and luxury. You can even create a contrast with different colors, patterns and designs.

  1. HPL (High Pressure Laminate) for data center raised floor

HPL is formed with original kraft paper is the most common surface broadly used in the construction of access floors. HPL (high pressure laminate) supports all flooring types, including steel raised panel. The borders are trimmed with conductive rubber to provide the most refined look. Huiya offers you an extensive range of HPL raised floor solutions to meet all your purpose & requirement.

High Pressure Laminate is widely accepted in the computer room, office, laboratory, bank, workshop, and other places where durable and anti-static raised flooring solutions are evidently required.

Key characteristics of HPL

  • Offers Excellent Resistance to tear
  • Easy to clean and stress-free to maintain
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Resistance to Scratch
  • Anti-static properties

HPL tiles always look clean and brand new all the time. That’s why it is considered a long term investment. HPL panels are made of high-grade cold rolled steel sheet coated with epoxy powder. Many favor HPL because of its high capacity, easy installation method, and creative appearance formats. In the end, you get a flooring solution that has a long using life.

3: Homogeneous Vinyl Tiles for data center raised floor

Homogeneous Vinyl, popularly known as conductive vinyl flooring, is used in electrical premises (such as a technical room); where electrostatic discharges raised floor solution is mainly required. Homogeneous vinyl raised floors are hugely popular for their low maintenance, durability, and versatility. The vibrancy and depth of color a Homogeneous vinyl’s delivers are incredibly durable, making it an outstanding flooring choice for heavy-traffic areas.

Why Choose Huiya Raised Floor?

Huiya Inc is a professional choice for data center raised floor system and offers premium, homogeneous vinyl collection, styled with European design and produced by using the latest manufacturing technology.Huiya’s designers add character and style to floors, especially in highly demanding, hygienic healthcare environments. Consulting our experts helps in deciding:

Design & color – Huiya offers a balanced palette of many elegant colors that coordinate well with raised floor coverings.

Technology and performance – Huiya encompass state-of-the-art production facility in China, enabling us to manufacture a premium quality homogeneous vinyl sheet for all size & type of raised floor.

  1. Ceramic/and Natural Stone for Outdoor Raised Floor    

Once you have made your raised floor functional, it all comes down to appearance. Ceramic/natural stone brings depth and warmth to your interior/exterior. From limestone to granite, there is an exclusive range of natural stone tiles to choose from. Each tile is uniquely pied and textured for an authentic feel and sophisticated design.

At Huiya, ceramic/and natural stone is available in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and colors. You can choose the best design to blend as per your décor. Benefits of having ceramic/and natural stone for the outdoor raised floor are:

  • Easy Maintenance – Ceramic or natural floor are are sweat ready. One can easily remove any spill or stain using a cleaner.
  • Design Flexibility – Ceramic design can be either used alone or mixed with countless designs. With a little imagination, you can create contrast and custom installation patterns.
  • Compatible in nearly any building – Ceramic or natural floor is applicable for all type of raised flooring structure in almost any construction or offices.

Have you been planning to upgrade? Call us today. Huiya is entirely dedicated to bringing you an extraordinary and innovative raised floor solution within your budget. Amid excellent workmanship and comprehensive customer support, Huiya is one of the most trusted brands for the raised floor in the market, having a good track record.