HIGH TOUGH CO is the exclusive strategic partner of Changzhou Huiya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. HIFLOOR is customized all-steel anti-static raised floor and calcium sulfate anti-static floor in Egypt. We have a fully automatic calcium sulfate raised floor production line and an all-steel anti-static raised floor production line.

HIGH TOUCH CO has strict quality check of HIFLOOR raised floor products. The HIFLOOR Raised floor surface flatness require to be kept within 0.6mm, and the resistance of the high pressure laminate covering is 106-108ohm. HIFLOOR product testing is based on CISCA and EN12825 as test principles to ensure HIFLOOR loading performance.

HIFLOOR all-steel anti-static raised floor is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the center of the anti-static raised floor is filled with high-quality foamed cement. HIFLOOR calcium sulfate raised floor uses high-density calcium sulfate substrate as the core raw material. The density of calcium sulfate substrate is 1.500KG/m3. HIFLOOR wood-based anti-static raised floor uses high-density particleboard with a density of 750KG / m3.

HIFLOOR Can be used in many project Applications, which are mainly suitable for computer room and data center use. The overhead height of the raised floor product can be adjusted arbitrarily, which can effectively manage the room line.



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