Office Raised Floor

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A raised access or an office raised floor is a platform installed a few inches above the original flooring. An office setting would find this type of floor hugely beneficial, especially in terms of wires and running cables. Business setups always have computer systems running or other operational devices. As these are powered via wires or cables, the office would be challenged by more than just footsteps.

The office is a sacred space where work gets done but not for accidental face-to-the-floor trips. Imagine the time and effort that is lost as employees encounter falling every time over loose wiring. Lost time at work is an expensive loss-making deal for any company. We have to look at minimizing any type of accidents caused by running cables and wired plugs.

Why Have Raised Floor At Office?

  It is vital to have a building structure that is supportive of the official requirement, and an office-raised floor just does that. Generally, in any office building that requires a range of services and application, installing an office raised floor can be quite beneficial.

  It will help conceal the services around the data equipment, electrical power, telecom wires, air conditioning, and other environmental control cables and equipment. It also offers enhanced air supply and ventilation for this equipment.

  Any office that relies heavily on computer and telecom equipment and office raised floor can also employ the building as a data processing and telecom center.

  But it is essential to be mindful when you plan to add office raised floor to your building. All the existing plug, socket, skirting, doors, window frames all need to be adapted to the new level. Furthermore, loading requirements must be considered, too, i.e., the areas that will have static traffic and the ones that will be dynamic.

  Since office-raised floors are the way to go now, it is vital to know its advantages to any office building.

  There are several advantages of installing an office-raised floor. One of the key benefits is the maintenance staff’s ability to have quick and easy access to the machinery and cables that lie beneath it. The easy access allows better maintenance and easy reconfiguration when required.

  Furthermore, any modern office layout now has partitioned rooms with individual desks. Often rearrangement of the equipment and other electronic accessories are added, changed, or adjusted. An office-raised floor allows you to offer these services and meet the requirement with minimal disruption to the rest of the floor.

  An office-raised floor also gives the office space a cleaner and professional look where the cables and equipment can be easily installed within the void space. The distribution of wires under the office raised floor also reduces office hazards, like employees tripping over the cables.

  Overall, installing the office raised floor also helps with OpEx and CapEx’s cost-saving in the long run. It also adds to the better scalability and flexibility for the building. However, you need to buy the right office raised floor.


HUIYA RAISED FLOOR has all kinds of different test reports, such as 1000lbs 1250lbs 1500lbs OA bare raised floor CISCA 2007, EN12825-2001, and Fire Test ASTM E136-11 and  Laminate Floor Covering NEMA LD 3-2005.

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Condition: New

Payments:  Telegraphic Transfer / Letter of Credit at sight

Shipping method: Support Sea Freight.

Export Country: Shipping From China

Delivery: Estimated 50-250SQM/2 weeks preparation.

Estimated 500-100000SQM( Two Weeks Preparation and 1 day for 500SQM).

Sample: Sample is Free and International Delivery Fee Paid by Customer

Container Loading: 500SQM/20ft Container

MOQ: No Quantity Limitation

Returns: Does not accept returns