• by hqt on 2020-10-22

    Raised Floor Investment and Applications When it comes to smartening up your office space, a raised floor system can be lucrative additions to your portfolio. Properties equipped with ergonomic flooring solutions do appreciate in value over time. However, there is no ‘one size fit all’ solution. The most prominent way to invest in the office […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-10-17

    HUIYA RAISED FLOOR MANUFACTURER CHINA 1: How to define HUIYA Raised Floor? HUIYA is broadly acknowledged all over the world for pioneering raised floor solutions in an array of formats. With their enormous manufacturing depth behind each raised floor architecture, HUIYA directly controls the quality from the conception. The design-orientated system is an integral aspect of […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-10-17

    HUIYA Office Raised Floor Huiya Steel raised floor is an innovative flooring system, allowing flexibility positioning of workstations and equipment inside a building. The state-of-the-art flooring is nothing less than a work of genius and purposefully designed to offer a practical solution to all modern factories. So, what makes HUIYA Steel Raised Floor the right choice […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-10-11

    1:What is a raised floor? A raised floor, in simple words, is termed as an elevated floor system constructed above the original concrete slab floor. Though the infrastructure was initially recommended for IT spaces. Nevertheless, its advanced practicality has created a room to support slots for cooling, electrical, and mechanical services. It wouldn't be wrong […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-09-15

    Raised floor data center Need to use raised floors in the data room? It is necessary to use raised floors in the data room. A large number of data arrangements are involved in the data room. you can imagine that a cloud server host needs a large number of data hard drives. In fact, the […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2019-11-26

    Floor tiles (ceramic or porcelain) are a great investment in your home. They're attractive, virtually never wear out and they're easily cared for. As an extra bonus, you can install them yourself. Any special tools you might need can be rented. All you need to supply is labor and patience. Prepare the Floor Remove baseboards […] Read more »


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