• by hqt on 2020-11-26

    STEEL RAISED FLOOR Steel Raised Floors are becoming more popular throughout the world. This is due to the uprising demand for mechanical, electrical, and computer cables required to run offices. A raised floor creates a hidden void under the floor, which allows for the safe management of all types of wires and even provides quick […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-11-26

    Why Raised Floor in Workplace Is Important? In the last two decades, the modern structural guidelines has undergone numerous evolutions. In the early 2000s, we all witnessed the end of cubicle farms and the rise of open floorplans, and 2015 brought waves of development to buildings and offices everywhere. While many trends come and go, […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-11-17

    why data center need raised floor? The data center consists of heady duty equipment and components that include a storage unit, switches, servers, security devices, and routers. For all this equipment to work seamlessly without causing much trouble for staff and employees, one must have a supportive work environment. A raised floor is seen as […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-11-16

    What is Raised Flooring? A raised access floor is an elevated structure above a solid layer (often concrete) and specifically designed to create a void for routing cables, wires, electrical & mechanical layouts circuits. It is a pivotal investment for any modern building that fulfills the future demand to accommodate a different working pattern or […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-11-15

    Why we should used raised floors The world is changing with corporate giants taking over the streets. Every day a new startup walks down the road of Silicon Valley to make their name on the hall of fame. And with this comes the responsibility to manage the resources that are crucial and critical to handle. […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-10-27

    7 Kinds Of Raised Floor – Which One Should You Choose? The raised floor is not an obligatory but a necessity for a fully functional modern office. Have you ever wondered why? What is raised floor, what does it do, and why you need it? Raised flooring system was initially developed and implemented to provide […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-10-25

    What Is Raised Floor Fire Test? One incredibly important aspect to consider when installing raised floor system is the safety of your building. Although raised floor systems rarely cause fire, the quality of raised flooring can influence such fires. Consequently, fire resistant floors are significant to your overall safety, which also acts as crucial means […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-10-22

    Raised Floor Investment and Applications When it comes to smartening up your office space, a raised floor system can be lucrative additions to your portfolio. Properties equipped with ergonomic flooring solutions do appreciate in value over time. However, there is no ‘one size fit all’ solution. The most prominent way to invest in the office […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-10-17

    HUIYA RAISED FLOOR MANUFACTURER CHINA 1: How to define HUIYA Raised Floor? HUIYA is broadly acknowledged all over the world for pioneering raised floor solutions in an array of formats. With their enormous manufacturing depth behind each raised floor architecture, HUIYA directly controls the quality from the conception. The design-orientated system is an integral aspect of […] Read more »

  • by hqt on 2020-10-17

    HUIYA Office Raised Floor Huiya Steel raised floor is an innovative flooring system, allowing flexibility positioning of workstations and equipment inside a building. The state-of-the-art flooring is nothing less than a work of genius and purposefully designed to offer a practical solution to all modern factories. So, what makes HUIYA Steel Raised Floor the right choice […] Read more »


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