How to build a timber raised floor

Build an Increased Timber Floor
This plan thinks the new elevated floor will certainly be open to the reduced part of the room on one side, as it truly wouldn’t make sense to do it in a closed area with just an entrance leading in. It additionally assumes the room has actually been removed of all floor coverings, trim and also various other obstructions, and that the flooring you’re improving top of is level.


Sufficient 2 x 8 boards to border all 4 sides of the space, plus enough extra 2 x 8s for joists every 16 inches of the length of the area. (Note: The boards for the joists require to be a minimum of as long as the width of the room.).
Sufficient 3/4-inch tongue-and-groove plywood to cover the area.
Tape measure.
Digital stud finder.
Masking tape.
Screw gun.
Miter saw.
Box of 3-inch wood screws.
Box of 1-1/2- inch wood screws.
Woodworker’s adhesive.
Walk around the area with your stud finder as well as your roll of concealing tape. Place a strip of tape on the wall to note each stud.

Thermal600 raised floor TYPE A
HUIYA.600 Thermal Type A rasied floor

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