What is raised floor?

Flooring is a kind of important ground material,which is widely used in actual decoration construction.In recent years,the raised floor appeared in peoples sight,but not many people know it .What does raised floor mean?What are its specific applications?Next,we will give you a detailed introduction,and then take a look at how to install the raised floor.

HUIYA.800lbs.OA steel raised floor-office

1.What does the raised floor mean?

1.Raised floor is a kind of floor material,the full name is raised anti-static floor,it is a kind of floor with anti-static function.It uses special materials to achieve anti-static effects by forming different degrees of charge dissipation,so it is used in special places,such as computer rooms.
      2.Raised floors have high requirements for installation.As a modular raised floor,it needs to be installed on a metal base support,and any piece can be moved to facilitate future maintenance and inspection.
      3.The raised floor has many advantages.It can be wired flexibly,and the information can be exported directly to the desk,it is suitable for an open office environment and adapts to a variety of later changes.The raised floor has high concealment so it can hide various cables.
      4.Raised floors also have certain shortcomings.For example,the initial installation cost of the project is high,the load-bearing capacity is not as good as the building floor,and walking on the raised floor will produce resonance effects,etc.,so you must consider the actual situation before purchasing.

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